In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Quraani Ahkamaat – Commandments of Allah
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre


Al Quraan Ref:

Do not ABORT your children. Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World.

005:032, 006:151

Do not ever think to go for Adultery/Zina.


Blindly Believing on Alim/Scholar is Shirk. You must check in the Quraan and Authentic Sunnah.


Never Drink or Eat or Consume Intoxicants/Alcohol:


Don’t waste your time in Foretelling/Future Telling and just do what Allah has commanded.

005:090, 006:050, 007:188

Never do Back Biting.

049:012, 104:001

Don’t do Bidda or Innovation in Deen.


Do not go for Blind Faith. Do not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge.

031:021, 017:036

Never ever do Bribery:


Never ever Cheat, Lie, Propaganda, Pickpocket, Shoplift, Steal or Rob. Fulfill all your Promises and Commitments. Be on time without wasting your Time as well as others time.

005:038-039, 017:034

There is NO Compulsion in religion. Respect and honor all human beings. Speak politely.

002:256, 017:070, 004:005

You must do Dawah with wisdom, at least on part time bases, if you are not a Scholar or Alim etc.

003:110, 062.005, 016:125

DEEDS are NOT Transferable: You will get reward of what you do. No Hajj-e-Badal.

036:054, 045:028

Muslim Woman MUST Obey their Husband under the guidance of Quraan and Authentic Sunnah.


Muslim Man MUST Pay Dower to his Wife. Respect each other, sincerely and fear Allah.


Duaa: Allah says: “Call on Me (directly); I will answer your (Prayers).


Do NOT Hide/Confound the Truth with Falsehood. Say with your Mouth what is in your Heart.

002:042, 003:167

Muslim must Fast during the month of Ramadaan with some exception as mentioned in the Quraan.


If two parties of believers fall to Fighting/Dispute, then make peace between them.

049:144, 008:046, 041:034-036

If you miss the Friday Speech, you miss the BENEFITS of Friday Prayers. The difference between Regular Five Time Prayers and Friday Prayers is the Friday Speech.


Do not Gamble.


Do NOT Abuse others Gods.


Calling other than Allah is Shirk, including Grave Worshiping.

040:060, 030:052, 035:014

Do not Greed.

004:032, 009:034-035

Hajj is Farz once in a life time subject to affordability (Must be Physically as well as Financially). No Hajj-e-Badal.

002:197-198, 003:096-097, 036:054, 045:028

Earn Halaal, Eat Halaal, Wear Halaal, Feed to you Family and Friends Halaal, and Act Halaal. Even Halaal Foods may become Haraam with Haraam income. Also Give Charity/Sadaqah from your Halaal Earnings.

006:118-121, 030:038, 002:177, 002:267, 002:273

Help Allah to get Help from Allah.

014:008, 047:007

Muslim Women Must wear Hijaab. Keep your Gazes lowered.

033:059, 024:030-031, 040:019

You should not treat this Quraan as a forsaken thing as Hypocrites do. Understand the Quraan.

025:030, 004:142-145

You must divide Inheritance justly when needed.

004:007-13, 004:176

Never Take Interests-Usury. Paper based money is fake. Currency should be based on Real Wealth.


Jihaad - Holy War: There is NO Compulsion in Religion. Defense is everyone’s right. Do not fight with those who don’t fight with you. Migrate if necessary to save your life.

002:256, 008:061, 008:060, 060:008

Always do True Justice, in your home, community, institutions and work places etc.

005:044, 006:152

Killing/Suicide/Terrorism: Do not kill yourself. Life is a Lot More Important than Land. Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World.

004:029, 017:033, 002:256, 005:032

Mind Your Language. Don’t putdown others. Respect all.

024:024, 004:148, 006:108, 049:011

You Must Select Your Leader. Quality of Leaders should be Honest and Knowledgeable.

018:028, 024:055

Those Who Listen BUT Do Not Obey are the Worst Animal, since they do not understand.


Avoid Loan as much as possible. Help the needy. Avoid Excess in all matters including Hajj.

002:280, 030:038, 002:282, 020.081

Magician will be failure here in this world as well as on the Day of Judgment.


Marriages: Never marry to Mushrik (Unbelievers). Exceptions are only for men to marry with the women from people of the book.

002:221, 004:022-25

You must Measure in Justice.


You must Migrate if needed to save your life.

004:097, 016:041-042, 029:052-063

Music, Songs, Poetry, Stories, Novels, Movies, Theater, and Drama etc: You must stop all non-islaamic activities. Only True Islaamic Songs etc. are allowed.

031:006, 017:064, 053:057-062

Be kind and helpful to your Neighbor. Your neighbors are those where you live presently not in the past. Do not enter others Houses/Premises/Parking Spots etc. without their permissions.

107:004-007, 002:280, 030:038, 024:027

Never call with bad Nickname. Do not putdown/insult others. Respect all.


Fulfill your Promises/Commitments/Oath/Baaith with Allah and Enter into Islaam Completely:

002:093, 060:012

Obey Allah IMMEDIATELY and Don’t Delay. You hear/read/watched it, that is it, now it is between you and Allah, since the message had been conveyed to you by any means.

002:063, 022:011, 033:036

You Must always Help Orphans and Needy.

004:009, 002:177, 004:009

You must respect, treat and help your Parents, Relatives, Orphans and the Needy.

017:023, 004:036

Never ever Divide into Sects, since it is like going out of Deen.

006:159, 004:059

Never ever do Shirk (Calling other than Allah).

040:060, 009:031

Never do Showoff.

002:264, 107:004-007

Avoid all your Sins, open or secret, including immodesty or lewdness.

006:120, 006:151

You must always try to be United. Work for Muslims Unity. Ummah is one.

013:020-023, 006:159,

Do not Squander (Spend / Misuse) Wastefully. Neither waste your Time nor waste others Time as well.


You must be with the Truth to Witness.

004:135, 005:008, 002:282

Worship Allah alone. By the time, Most surely man is in loss, Except those who believe and do good, and enjoin on each other truth, and enjoin on each other patience.

002:083-085, 002:173, 005:003, 006:151-153, 103:001-003

Always give Zakaat-Sadaqah-Charity to the needy, if you can afford.

030:038, 002:177, 002:267, 002:273

Above are just few I have mentioned to fit into one page. Please read the Quraan with understanding and inform others as well.
Enter into Islam whole-heartedly (100%), and follow not the footsteps of the evil one. (Al_Quraan_002.208)

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