In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Whole New World Tips
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Global World is facing a Global Economic Disaster and needs a Global Revolution. It is not Wealth (Gold or Silver) or Power which can save the Global World. Allah seized Qaroon, Pharaoh, and Hamaan and many more, for their crimes against humanity and nothing could save them, not even their wealth, power, or people, etc., (Ref: Al_Quraan_029:039). The World didn’t end there, but it re-developed after a Great Revolution. Those who have never faced poverty may never understand its solution, unless they have really taken Guidance from the Quraan. It is 100% guaranteed to save the world and to help build our Global World. If we truly apply the guidance given by the Quraan, we can re-develop the world through our own Great Revolution. In simple terms “NO CHANGES WITHOUT ACTIONS”! It is time now to open our eyes and correct ourselves to serve the humanity in a revolutionized way in the light of Quraan, in which all including Rich & Poor can live safe and sound, since the Quraan gives the true revolutionized guidance to fix the Global System to save the Humanity in a balanced way (Al_Quraan_002:002).

Below are just few things to keep in mind:

No Customer              -    No Businesses
More Customers        -    More Businesses
Good Customers       -    Good Businesses
Healthy Customers    -    Healthy Businesses
Customers are people and by saving the people we save the businesses.
For better services to customers we need better/healthy employee, which means better benefits for employees not benefits cuts.
By Laying Off employees means increase in poverty and also increase in crime.

Tips to Save Global World to build a Whole New World in a Balanced Way:

Tip-1:        Convert All Currencies to Virtual Gold as a Single Global Currency.
                   Remember: You cannot buy whole world from the Gold, since it is a little tiny part of the Global World and it is just a reference point.

Tip-2:        FREEZE all which is unbalancing the Global World keeping in mind How Much is Too Much:
                   a> Interest Base System
                   b> Supply & Demand System
                   c> Alcohol Supply
                   d> All kind of Drugs Intoxication
                   e> Gambling
                   f> Over spending
                   g> Over Stocking of Wealth, which includes Foods, Currency or other Sustains

Tip-3:        Re-Analyze each and every thing to bring Global Stability in a Revolutionized Way.
                   We already have over a hundred years of data and modern tools as Great Assets to start with.

Tip-4:        Food should be supplied in a balanced way. Make sure no one is dying of hunger.

Tip-5:        Health Care Benefits should be available in a balanced way.
                   Make sure no one is without required Health Care.

Tip-6:        Percent increase in Salary must be changed with a balanced system.
                   Since, percent increase is one of the cause to increase the gap between rich and poor.

Tip-7:        Loans must be avoided as much as possible.

Tip-8:        Educate all for Free, including hands on training, to build a Whole New World.
                   Make sure all Education is of ONE Global Standard, regardless of any discrimination.
                   Our Kids needs Debt Free Education, they should be treated like new born during their studies.

Tip-9:        Finally start working on cosmetics and beauty to build our Whole New World.
Tip-10:      Media MUST play an Active Role in promoting all of the above to Build Whole New World.


Locally, I am Sorry. Globally, YES we can fix Global System with 100% Guaranteed, Inshaa Allah.
Thinking locally while living in Global World will not save our Global World.
Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupted or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation.
Do not even think to re-appoint those who were failed to protect the corruptions in the land.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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