In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Role of our Masjids, Imams and managing committees
Compiled by Syed Sadruddin Hussain
Reviewed by Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Please be informed that it is not mention in the Quran or authentic Hadith about so-called 124,000 Prophets sent by Allah. These are self-invented over research by some vested interests. We can never say that Mahavir, Rama, Zoraster, Krishna, Budha etc. preaching different school of thoughts contrary to Islam are also prophets and their revelations are also Holy. Just read Holy Quran and its translation and everything will be clear. Don't be misguided please. Our Ajmi Muslims lack Arabic and the Quraanic knowledge and they read Quran without understanding through Tilawath, Qirath and Hifz though Quran was bestowed by Allah as a way of life for humanity (5:3). Therefore we should all read translation of Quran in our own language to understand and practice Allah's message and directives to mankind to avoid any misguidance and deviations. In Madrassas also reading of translation of Quran should be allowed to make the students understand the directives of Allah on various aspects of life so that they become fully equipped with the Quraanic knowledge.

But due to religious domination of Mullahs/ Imams over us like priests/Bishops in Christianity, they speak  more on Hadiths, tales, stories, traditions and sayings (authentic or weak) to prolong their Khitabs/speech rather than guiding the Ajmi Muslims to follow strictly all the Quraanic directives to put them on the right path of Islam. Due to lack of the Quraanic knowledge and misguidance by the Taghoots, we are going astray from the right path of Allah and indulging in various forms of deviations, Shirk, Bidah, falsehood, sins and evils, Un-Islamic Customs and practices, religious groupings and parties, sectarianism, Maslak and Fiqah differences, Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Aamils, and their Tawaiz, Ganday and special prayers on payments, Near worship of graves of saints and asking for Duaas instead to Allah etc. The Imams deliberately avoid to preach the Quraanic directives on various aspects of our lives like marriages; family disputes; separation; mediations; divorce procedure according to the Quran; inheritance matters; child care; foster care; respect to parents; love the relatives instead of grudge; avoiding falsehood, dishonesty, enmity, extremism, hatred, bad behavior and bad character, proudness etc.; Un Islamic customs and practices, Shirk and Bidah; Near grave worship of  dead saints and asking for DUA instead of Allah; Pirs, Babas, Aamils, and their money earning tactics by exploiting Islam etc.
For fund raising, the professional Mullahs exploit Islam and play with the religious sentiments of Muslims and indulge in pressure tactics to grab and empty the pockets of innocent Muslims by falsely promising Jannah and they also remove women jewelry in the name of Allah for building of more and more Masjids and their continuous unnecessary improvements/decorations etc. All these Masjids are solely controlled by the vested groups in which the donors have no say at all. Due to the mismanagements/irregularities in such Masjids, some 23 court cases are pending in the court of law bringing bad name to Islam. We have already seen the headline news in Toronto Star dated 20-JAN-2011 about bungling amount to $ 600,000 in ISNA Masjid, Mississauga, ON. This is how the public money/donations made in the name of Allah are misspent. This big amount should have been spent on social and community service like helping the poor and needy, providing wheel chairs, sticks, bathroom accessories etc., to disabled people, helping needy people for eye treatment and goggles, maintaining a Nursing Home for extremely sick Muslims, running food banks, dental treatment for deserving people, arranging matches and marriages at economical systems, mediations in family disputes and inheritance matters, visiting and consoling the sick and the bereaved people, providing advice and Fatwa to needy people, building a full-fledged Funeral Home for Muslims etc.

In Islam there is no middleman (priest/Mullah/Imam/Aalim) between human and God. Every human being is directly accountable to Allah for his deeds and misdeeds as Allah alone is responsible for the creation of human beings, their welfare and their deaths. Therefore we should avoid all misguidance by the Taghoots and Satanic influence and deviations from the Quran and its teachings/directives. The donors should be very careful and ensure that their money is properly spent and that regular elections of the Masjid Committees are held every three years in front of the Namaziz and also new blood be chosen from the Namaziz to put an end to the vested interests occupying the Masjids.   Thanks.

Revive our Masjids in the light of the Quraan (True Book of Guidance for the Mankind)

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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