In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Quraanic Directives with Sprits
Compiled by Syed Sadruddin Hussain
Reviewed by Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre


Sincere and honest Aalims are hard to find today. Please be informed that in Islam there is no concept of a middleman like Bishop, Pope, Guru, Pir and Faqir, religious leaders who instead of promoting Quraanic knowledge, exploit the people through various weak Hadiths, unauthentic tales and stories and traditions to misguide them and create various deviations, Shirk, Bidah, un-Islamic customs and practices, extremism, parties and groups in our society so much so that there are bogus claimants of prophet hood, Mehdis, Imams etc. Further due to religious exploitation by the extremist Mullahs we have seen that instead of Islamic unity, Muslims are fighting and killing each other through suicide bombings, sectarian killings, Maslaki and Fiqah differences etc. so much so even our Masjids are divided and separated on the basis of Maslaks, sects, party and group interests. Quraanic Directives should be followed instead of blindly following scholars (Ulama). Good and sincere Ulama are hard to find as they are generally involved in making money and party business. In Quraan (2: 159, 174-175) Allah clearly say that who conceal Quraanic knowledge or keep the people away from the Quraanic directives and make money to project Quraan, they will go to Hell. Those who create differences about Quraanic directives, they will go to Hell (2: 176).

We always quote the verse and Ayath number to project Islaam correctly and to avoid any deviation and misguidance. People should know that Islam is a common man's religion, bestowed by Allah so that the humanity as a whole follow the right path and avoid all sins and evils, Shirk, Bidah, Un-Islaamic customs and practices, falsehood, demi Gods, Taghoots etc. and practice Taqwa and purity and do good deeds in their life to earn the blessing of Allah. Please note no middlemen like bishops, priests, Imams or graves of saints/Pirs are involved between Allah and human beings. Therefore all Muslims should give priority to Quraanic directives over Hadiths particularly weak Hadiths, tales, stories and traditions which are enormously quoted by our Ulama to project their image and lengthen their speeches and influence on the people who generally lack Quraan Fahmi/knowledge. Lastly I give a classic example of how our Ulama have played havoc with the Quraanic directives by allowing the Muslims to pronounce three time divorce at one time to get rid of the wives instead of spreading the divorce proceedings over the three month Iddat period with in-between mediation to promote understanding and solution to avoid divorce.

Please see full details in “Marriage Counseling”, with reference from the Quraan.

Please see full details in “Quraanic Directives - Allah's Directives”, with reference from the Quraan.

Ref:    ‘The Holy Quran’ by Abdullah Yusuf Ali;
“Tarjuma Quran” by Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi;
‘The Quran’ published by Saheeh International, Shah Fahd National Library, Ryadh.

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