In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Reason for NOT Understanding the Quraan
By Irshad Mahmood - Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Three main reasons for NOT understanding the Quraan:

1> People are arrogant or judgmental and their minds are preset with previous thoughts, which might be from their forefathers or from their society from which they belong to which includes spiritual as well.
2> People not understanding the Quraan are due to NOT understanding the LANGUAGE of the Quraan.
3> People read the translation of the Quraan and blindly believing that it is 100% correct, BUT no translations are 100% accurate. Sometimes those who do translations have previous thoughts or intentionally want to deviate others from the actual message of the Quraan.

Possible History of the Reason for Deviation from the Quraan:

Trees are recognized by their fruits. Look at the present situation of named Muslims around the world who are being wiped out by all means.

In the past people were believing that their rulers or kings are their gods, and those rulers and kings treating them worse than animals and making their life miserable. When Hazrat Umar (RA) invaded ancient Persian Empire and defeated them, millions and millions of people started accepting Islaam and Key ranking people of Persian Empire were not able to stop them from reverting/converting to Islaam, so they started making hidden secret plan to defeat Muslims. Ancient Roman Empire were also afraid of Muslims at that time and later they also joined their mission to deviate Muslims from the Quraan and working as joint forces on this secret mission. Although Hazrat Umar (RA) put many of Arab Muslims to keep very close eye on them, but his mission failed and one day hypocrites were able to kill Hazrat Umar (RA). Later it became easy for hypocrites to deviate true Muslims.

They didn’t stop there in ancient Persian Empire rather they prepared educated team to write many books including Books of Hadeeth to deviate Muslims. They succeeded in stopping Persians from learning Quraanic Arabic Language. Roman Empire succeeded in stopping people north of Syria from learning Quraanic Arabic Language.

After writing many books to deviate Muslims from the Quraan, they started promoting their secret ideologies among Muslims. During Fatimid Caliphate which was linked to ancient Persian Empire they opened many institutions to promote their ideologies among Muslims. Think of a person coming on a camel fully loaded with many books, papers, pens etc. having a big beard and wearing special Gown to empress Arab Muslims who don’t know how to read and write. Present day Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, the word Al Azhar came from Fatmatul Zuhra daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him). Below is an example to understand how they succeeded in deviating Muslims.

If you ask any Arab Muslims about Salaah/prayers reduced from 50 times to 5 times on Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) Meraj (AL-ISRA) to the Sky, they will sure say they 100% believe on it. Let us analyze it in detail, since it raises many questions, below are just few.

Was Prophet Musa (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) who are linked to Jewish people, more superficial intelligent than Allah who created all Human and told that He knows their finger prints and has fully cable to resurrect again and says He don’t put extra burden on anyone who is not capable of bearing it? Keep in mind at the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) all the prophets including Prophet Musa (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) were passed away and Allah told in the Quraan that O’ Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) you cannot make people in the grave to listen. How come a person in the grave became alive again and guided Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) to ask Allah to reduce number of times of Salaah/Prayers? Keep in mind, Fajr Salaah/Prayer is the shortest Salaah/Prayer is the shortest and takes around 15 minutes at least which includes going to Masjid and do Ablution/Wudu, so 50 times 15 minutes which comes to 750 minutes (12.5 hours) means whole day each person will spend time for Salaah/Prayers and not time for earning for family etc.

What happens they read a lot of the Quraan but for Thawab only and not for the Guidance. In other words, this Ummat-e-Ibrhaim is trapped in a great conspiracy. They are deceived to follow the path which is not found in the Quraan. They think they are treading into the footsteps of the Prophets but, in fact, they are treading into the footsteps of Shaitaan. The interesting aspect of this conspiracy is that no one feels guilty. In spite of, all the sufferings and humiliations they are proud of what they are doing in the name of the Prophets and Religion. No one likes to come out of this darkness. And, if any blessed soul endeavors to show them the right path they consider him an agent of the Enemy of Deen-e-Ibrahim. One wonders! What else the Enemy of Deen-e-Ibrahim want to do with the Ummat-e-Ibrahim? They had already sent them to the bottom of hell.

The truth is that the real source of Ummat-e-Ibrahim’s unity and honor is the Quraan. The Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-him) and his great companions followed nothing except the Quraan. They never looked for guidance to any other historical or ideological source. They were solely inspired and motivated by the Quraan. When the Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) was alive and his life was the perfect embodiment of Quraanic Values. After his (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) death, Ummat-e-Inrahim kept treading in his footsteps and followed the Quraan with more zeal and devotion. The Quraan elevated them to the highest level of morality and wisdom. They achieved great success and honor in the contemporary world and remained dominant as long as they followed the Quraan.

There could be many questions to be raise, but we need to open our eyes and come to the Quraan, which cannot be without understanding it in spirit. BUT the Quraan is full of wisdom in it which includes from commanding us to enter into our own home from front/main door and NOT from windows or back doors to scare our own family.

True Quraanic Muslims Must Know Demands of Quraan and follow it in sprit:

1> You Must Believe in the Quraan otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
2> You Must Read the Quraan with understanding/translation otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
3> You Must Understand the Quraan otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
4> You Must Practically Act upon Teachings of the Quraan in spirit otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
5> You Must Convey the Messages and Teachings of the Quraan to others otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;

Few Key Words when Reading the Quraan:

iQRA means Read
QURAAN means Reading it came from word iQRA
KITAAB means Book
AL-KITAAB means The Book
BAAD means After (never ever before or in between)
TORAH means Law (or set of instructions). The Quraan has full of Sharia Laws and Set of Instructions for mankind
ZABUR (book of PSALM) means Sacred Songs. The Quraan has it, its Qiraat is especial Sacred Song (e.g. FABIAYYI ALAI RABBIKUMA TUKAZZIBAAN).
INJIL (GOSPEL/New Testament) means Glad Tidings (Good News). The Quraan has full of Glad Tidings words in it for True Muslims.
KAAFIR means Disbeliever. Many by named Muslims might fall into this category. They read the Quraan but practice something else besides the Quraan or mixing it up.
MUNAFIQ means Hypocrite who is outward Muslim but secretly working for enemies. They are very dangerous.
MUSHRIK means worshiping others besides Allah or mixing it up. Doing innovations in Deen may lead to it.
GHAFIL means Unaware of the Quraan. All Non-Muslims/Disbelievers may fall into this category, since they had never read the Quraan or its translation and they are Unaware of it.
MUSLIM means anyone who submits and surrenders their will to Allah.
MUMIN means anyone who truly believe in Allah, His angels, His scriptures, His messengerssubmits and surrenders their will to Allah and fully devotes his mission to Allah.
UNJUSTS are KAFIROONS (infidels/Disbelievers), ZALIMOONS (Cruels), FASIQOONS (Transgresses). Justice has to be done at levels and at all places including home and outside amoung sposes, children, parents, relatives, friends, students, terachers, workers, co-workers, and bosses etc.

We must understand the Quraan according modern time, instead of taking literal meaning of it.

A Book (Al_Kitaab) has been sent down to you, so do not let your breast feel it is under any constraint because of it (Quraan), so you may warn by means of it; [it is] a Reminder for believers, (Al_Quraan_007.002).

Quraan is the ONLY Book of Guidance which can Help us to Answer Back all Kind of False Ideas:

This Book (Al_Kitaab), there is NO Doubt in it, is a Guidance to those who fear Allah, (Al_Quraan_002.002).

He it is who sends clear revelations to His slave, that He may bring you out of darkness into light; for Allah is surely gracious and kind to you, (Al_Quraan_057.009).

A Book (Al_Kitaab) has been sent down to you, so do not let your breast feel it is under any constraint because of it, so you may warn by means of it; [it is] a Reminder for believers, (Al_Quraan_007.002).

Non-Practicing Muslims are like ASS / Donkey carrying books, (Ref: Al_Quraan_062.005).

None argue concerning the revelations (Ayaat) of Allah but those who disbelieve, (Ref: Al_Quraan_040.004).

Hypocrites Read the Quraan BUT Practices Something Else.

Liar of Quraan is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS than Liar of Hadiths.


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