In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Qualified Professionals or Unskilled Ignorant
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

When patients start deciding what treatments they need for their heart diseases, an open heart surgery, angioplasty, or with some other treatments by side lining Heart Specialist then that is death to the patient. When patients start deciding what treatments they need for their cancer treatments, stem cells, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or with some other treatments by side lining Oncology Specialist then that is death to the patients.

In many Muslim countries Professionals/Experts/Specialists are being replaced by Unskilled/Inexpert/ untrained/Ignorant and that are death to Muslim Nations. People are taking laws in their hands and ruining peace in the region. Yes, there are many GREEDY Professionals/Experts/Specialists and they must give up greediness (NOT their positions) otherwise it will become hard to stop people from coming on the street violently, due to extreme poverty. Global Economics is hitting hard all over the world including Muslim Nations, due to wrong economic policies which is supporting only few, who are getting exceptional benefits/bonuses etc. Many people are being laid off without offering guaranteed alternate income for their survivals (rent/mortgage, kids tuitions, daily needs etc.), otherwise more poverty will increase. No one has such type of money plants/trees in their backyard in which dollars/ponds or gold/silver grows. We need new Global Economics System for the Whole New World (expending universe), which is expending day by day, and which cannot be managed with fixed budget.

Many Muslim Countries are facing many internal and external challenges. Their Sovereignties are in Great Jeopardy. But it is extremely sad that those who are defender champions (Law and Order Enforcing Agencies) are totally failed to protect their own Qualified Professionals/Experts/Specialists, who had to look for another world. TREATORS (Ghaddar) are those who are only interested in increasing their wealth. TREATORS (Ghaddar) are those who don’t analyze about the consequences on their decisions, if not having external pressure to do so. TREATORS (Ghaddar) are those who don’t even think about their people. TREATORS (Ghaddar) are those who don’t apply the Quraanic Guidance on themselves. There are many Human Rights Organizations working extremely hard to support people who are in extreme poverty, but not able to succeed completely due to lack of funds. We need whole new concepts for the Whole New World to build Heavenly Earth to save the people from extreme poverty and not for luxury.

Remember: When Super Power like US citizen is caught in Saudi Arabia, King of Saudi Arabia had to release him/her no matter how high crime he/she is involved in, and same is true for many leaders of poor countries, who have no choice other than to follow the commandments of Powerful Nations. Many times people forget their leader’s great achievements, but remember their mistakes, without realizing that he/she might have been forced to do so because of external unjust forces.

Keep in Mind: What a mother will do if her infant is crying for milk and she don’t have enough money to buy for her. On 04-OCT-2013, a 34-year-old Miriam Carey put the capitol (White House) on lockdown after taking her one-year-old daughter on a harrowing high-speed car chase. Although authorities claimed that she was suffering from post-partum depression, but that could be due to financial loss during Government Shutdown for few weeks to pass a crucial bill, which also might have been affected many people.

Be a true Analyst and analyze thoroughly before making any decisions. Do not let yourself to be caught by electronic media (the strongest weapon as well as strongest defender of today), being misused, and handle by international rascals, if not bring the truth as it should. Media MUST Play an Active Role in Transforming the Truth.

What is guarantee that Defender Champions will successfully be able to defend/protect their countries that are failed to defend their own Qualified Professionals/Experts/Specialists Leaders? Enemies do not attack only in the battle field but they try all possible ways to defeat you in steps.

These things might be happening in many Muslim Countries and they need to correct themselves.

Those who don’t do true justice they are unbelievers, unjust, transgressors (NOT MUSLIM anymore), (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044, 045, 047).

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