In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
How to Prevent from Superbug
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

It was a Great Historic Discovery of penicillin (antibiotics) by a Scottish scientist and Nobel laureate Alexander Fleming in 1928, which started saving so many lives thereafter.

Although antibiotics are live saving medications, BUT it has to be used very carefully with recommendations from a registered medical practitioner, otherwise one may get Superbug due to Misuse of Antibiotics, which means no antibiotics will work. So, if one has to take antibiotics, make sure he/she is taking full course, otherwise may develop ARMY of Superbug (bacteria), which can potentially cause severe problems down the road.

You must know the severity of the symptoms and must avoid taking antibiotics as much as you can, BUT if you have to take it, make sure to complete its full course (ten days), otherwise you will sure develop antibiotic resistant bacteria, which in turn might become ARMY of Superbug, and may kill you, since no medicine will work for you.

Here I would like to mention one simple case of high fever to understand. You should look first for the cause of the fever and take medication for that from your Family Doctor if it is not severe.

1>    Severe HIGH Fever:        Anytime above 104 degree Fahrenheit 40 degree centigrade.
                                                      MUST CALL 911 - EMERGENCY

2>    High Fever:                       Anytime above 102 degree Fahrenheit 39 degree centigrade.
                                                      Below 104 degree Fahrenheit 40 degree centigrade.
                                                      MUST RUSH TO SEE DOCTOR

3>    Medium Fever:                 Above 100 degree Fahrenheit 37.5 degree centigrade.
                                                      Below 102 degree Fahrenheit 39 degree centigrade.
                                                      Try over the counter medication, like Tylenol/Panadol
                                                      And other cough and cold medication etc.
                                                      Ask pharmacist to help you.

4>    Low Fever:                        Below 100 degree Fahrenheit 37.5 degree centigrade.
                                                      Above 99 degree Fahrenheit 37 degree centigrade.
                                                      Try home remedy or other herbal remedy first.
                                                      Watch it for 24 to 48 hours, if not improving consult Doctor.

For each of the above cases, if there is no improvement within 24 to 48 yours, you must consult Family Doctor, or call 911-Emergency.

Side effects of antibiotics: Every medicine has some side effects; some are short term temporary, while others are long term temporary and in exceptional cases permanent and same is true for Antibiotics. For short term temporary side effects, you don’t need to worry at all. For Long term temporary side effects, you will need to re-think for a long time, while for permanent side effects, you will need to re-think millions of times, and want to make sure if it is for life saving, like Chemotherapy or Radiation treatment etc. If it is for life saving, then you will sure need to go for it, even though it is very painful. E.g. in most cases mild rash from antibiotic goes by itself and you don’t need to stop taking antibiotics. Sever rash has very itchy, painful and very reddish.

Confusion between side effects or due to disease: Here I would like to give an example, e.g. one gets some pimples on their back or face after taking antibiotics, make sure it is getting better or worse, if it is getting better, then no need to worry. You should worry, if it is getting worse, or painful, or itchy or very reddish etc. Keep in mind due to high fever ones may get this type of pimples, and as soon as fever goes down, you will feel improvement, so in this case you should continue taking medications. So keep monitoring while continue giving antibiotics and don’t panic. Also for those symptoms which were before taking antibiotics, it may take at least two days before he/she feels improvements in many cases, so please be patient and don’t panic, instead make Duaa to get recover from it. Sometimes Doctors also prescribe anti-allergy etc. along with antibiotics to support for soft recovery.

Remember: Saving a life is like saving the whole world. Save yourself and your loved ones before it gets too late. (Ref. Al_Quraan_005.032)


Don’t even think about playing with Antibiotics now otherwise it will play with you later, since no medicine will work for you and will give you a very hard time until you die.                      
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