In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Politics in Islaam
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Islam is a complete system of life and politics is one of its key parts. Leaving a Glass empty, air will be filled automatically or someone else will fill it with junk drinks. Always keep it filled with clean water. Same concept applies for Politics, by leaving it empty others will grab it and do unjust in the land, while Quraan directs to do true justice and declares all those who do unjust as disbelievers, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044-047).

The Islamic Political System is based on the following main principles:

1. Sovereignty of Allah:

In Islaam, Allah is the sovereignty/source of all powers and laws (Ref: Al_Quraan_003:154, 012:040, 025:002, 067:001).

2. Appointing Leaders:

People must appoint their leader through election/selection/shura etc. who they think will do true justice in the land otherwise they will be questioned on the day of judgments.

Leader must make sure that each and every sects/minorities must get their shares in a balance way without any discrimination of religion, race, sects, color, gender, rich, poor etc. including defense, public sector which includes government and semi-government organizations. This is also a test for leaders (Prime Minister, President, Khalifa and King etc.), and failing the test may put them in the category of disbelievers (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044-047). Leaders (Prime Minister, President, Khalifa and King etc.) should not get big huge salary/allowances rather they should get for their basic needs to fulfill their duties to serve their citizens on non-profit basis.

The moment government will reduce the income/benefits for leaders (members of parliament, Ministers, Prime Minister and President etc.) and take away any unnecessary powers from them other than to serve the humanity, you will sure see greedy people will run away from the political race and good pious people will come forward.

Election/selection system must be categorized professionally. For detail please read my article Professional Election an Islaamic Election:

Remember: A ruler is a servant, not a king in Islaam. He establishes Allah’s laws according to the Quraan, (Ref: Al_Quraan_024.055, 022.041)

People may label those who are unjust as Mr. 10% for taking bribe money or Mr. 100% due to their unjust existence in defense, law and order enforcement authorities, other public sectors which includes government and semi-government organizations etc., which is a crime against humanity. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah may label them as a disbeliever/ unjust/cruel/fasiq etc., and put them in the hell fire forever, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044-047). Youngers must learn brief history from their elders as well as Elders must teach brief history to their Youngers like many Muslims teach their kid about Hasan (RA) & Hussain (RA), otherwise they become history. As you have noticed, if a single Muslim does a crime, whole Muslim Nations/Communities are being blamed for. Similarly if a single crime is done any minority, the whole minority people are being blamed for, while there is no check and balances for majority or those in power, which is true unjust.

Those minorities who are being abuse by majority or by those who are in power must report to United Nation, Human Rights Commission and International Monitory Fund etc.

United Nation and International Monitory Fund must put economic sanctions on such unjust countries till they fix their system by doing true justice among their own citizens so that there is no more second class citizen left over. However for individual they must provide some sort of basic help which includes Food, Shelter, Education and Health etc., for their survivals.

3. Legislation:

Islaam teaches us to run a government, to make legislation and decisions which do not cross the boundary limits ordained by Allah, (Ref: Al_Quraan_003:159, 042:038). Commandments are Non but Allah (Ref: Al_Quraan_006.057) and leaders are representative of Allah for the implementation of Quraanic Laws, (Ref: 002:030, 006:165).

4. Accountability of Government:

The Islamic political system makes the ruler and the government responsible to Allah alone, make sure to do true justice among people and must work for the welfare of the people according to the Quraan and Authentic Sunnah.

Any ordinary citizen of an Islamic state has the right to ask any question on any matter to the ruler and the government.

5. Independence of Judiciary:

Judiciary must be independent and fully capable of doing justice without any discrimination of religion, race, sects, color, gender, rich, poor, executives, non-executives etc., including defense, public sector which includes government and semi-government organizations, (Ref: Al_Quraan_004:058, 004:135, 005:008). The ruler and the government have no right to interfere in the system of justice.

6. Equality before Law:

The Islamic political system ensures equality for all citizens before the law without any discrimination of religion, race, sects, color, gender, rich, poor, executives, non-executives etc., including defense, public sector which includes government and semi-government organizations, (Ref: Al_Quraan_004:058, 004:135, 005:008, 049:013).

7. Zakaat/Tax System:

It is Government’s duty to organize, and get from the Rich and feed to Needy in a balance way, in addition to fixing all related issues which are disturbing Stability and also it is individuals duty to pay the charity to the poor (Ref: Al_Quraan_009.058-060). Remember! world has enough to feed but not greed, but few of major issues which had disturbed the Stability are interest based system, alcohol, gambling, supply and demand system and raise in salary by small percentage, on which special deep study is needed (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.278-279, 002.219).

8. Freedom of Speech:

All citizens of the Islaamic state shall enjoy freedom of belief, thought, conscience and speech in a balanced way. Every citizen shall be free to develop his potential, improve his capacity, earn and possess.

9. Duties of People:

It is not only duties of the leader, but also the duty of each and every person on appointing right ruler by election/selection/shura etc., otherwise as you see mischiefs in the land are rising, (Ref: Al_Quraan_004.059). You must practically support those who remember Allah and desiring His goodwill, (Ref: Al_Quraan_018.028)

Allah Never Changes the Conditions of a Nation till their People (NOT their Leader) Changes themselves, (Ref: Al_Quraan_008.052-053)

10. Every Nation has Certain Period to Live:

If you or your relatives or your friends or your wealth is more important than doing justice in the cause of Allah, then wait for Allah’s punishment,. (Ref: Al_Quraan_009.024).

For every nation there is an appointed time and many have been destroyed by Allah due to their crime against humanity, e.g. Qaroon, Hamaan and Firon etc., (Ref: Al_Quraan_010.049, 028.058, 015.005, 023.042-043,  030.009, 040.082-085)

Remember: Allah Never Destroys the Good Nations, (Ref: Al_Quraan_011.116-117).

Allah Never Changes the Conditions of a Nation till their People (NOT their Leader) Changes themselves, (Ref: Al_Quraan_008.052-053). Non-Practicing Muslims are like ASS / Donkey carrying books, (Ref: Al_Quraan_062.005).

Suicide Never Allowed in Islaam (Life is A Lot More Important than Land), (Ref: Al_Quraan_004.029)

Killing of Innocents Never Allowed in Islaam, (Ref: Al_Quraan_017.033), (Ref: Al_Quraan_060.008)

Unjust never allowed in Islaam, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044-047)

NO CLOSED Door Meetings and NO HIDDEN Secret Agendas. Medias must have full access to all Meetings and Agendas.

Islaam is based on Truth and nothing BUT the Truth and those who indulge in falsehood are not Muslims.

Those Muslim Countries which don’t practice true justice with their own citizens including minorities, they don’t deserve to be called as a Muslim country or an Islaamic Republic of Muslim-Country, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044-047).

Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation. Do not even think to re-appoint those who were failed to protect corruptions in the land.

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