In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Seven Pillars of Islaam
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

The revised Seven Pillars of Islaam are considered obligatory for all Muslims. Idea of figure seven taken from the Quraan for other cases like seven sky and seven manzil in the Quraan etc., although it does not have direct relation with it, but to include few key items missing in previous Five Pillars. Muslim must take guidance from the Quraan by entering into Islaam completely 100%, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.208). In reality, Islaam is a complete way of life and dealing/treating with people justly is TOP priority after declaring Shahadah, as those who don’t do justice are declared as disbelievers in the Quraan, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.044-047).

1>    Shahadah
Islaam is based on truth and nothing but the truth. Those who indulge in falsehood are not Muslims at all. One must declare that, there is no God but Allah only and Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) is the last and final messenger of Allah. Also, they must declare that they believe on Unseen, steadfast in prayers, spend out of what Allah has provided for them, the Quraan, other Holy Scriptures, and are certain of the Hereafter. (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.003-005)

2>    Salaat
Muslims must offer Five Times Ritual Prayers daily, i.e., Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Ishaa. (Ref: Al_Quraan_030.017-018, 011.114, 017.078-079, 062.009-010, 004.101-103). Also they must need to offer congregational Juma (Friday) Prayers in Masjids/Musallas etc. (Al_Quraan_062.009-010). After congressional prayers they should disperse to perform their duties and jobs and should not waste time. There is no concept of two long Khitabs, two Azans and two Khutbas to prolong the Juma prayers. One Azan, one Khitab with a short Khutba is enough as time is precious in Islaam.

3>    Sawm
Healthy Adult Muslims must fast during the month of Ramadan, by abstaining from food, drink, and sexual relations from dawn to dusk. (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.183-187). The old and the sick should give indemnity with providing food to the needy or donation (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.184)

4>    Zakaat
Wealthy Muslims must pay Almsgiving/Charity minimum 2.5%, who have surplus wealth of 85 g of gold, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.177, 064.017, 030.038, 009.060, 002.273, 008.041, 006.141, 002.267, 002.219, 009.102-104, 107.001-007). Zakat is not mandatory on those under personal loan obligations or poor people.

5>    Hajj (Hajj is NOT Transferable)
Pilgrimage to Makkah Al Mukarrama is Farz once in a lifetime subject to affordability on Halaal Income only, (Al_Quraan_009.003). Qurbani is one of the Faraiz of Hajj performance and those who can not afford it, they should fast for three days during Hajj and further 7 days after reaching their homes (Al_Quran_002:196/022:026-037). There is no binding of Qurbani on those Muslims not performing Hajj but pray Eid Ul Adha Wajib Namaz without Azan.There is no concept to perform Haj Badal for someone else, dead or alive or for relatives, parents and others. These are all man made deviations. Avoid all misguidance to deviate us from the Right Path of Allah. Islaam is a clear and easy Deen (Al_Quran_27:1-2). Read Quraan or its translation to understand Islam.

6>    Muamlaat & Akhlaaq (Dealing/Treating with People)
Muslims including those in authority among you (leaders) must deal/treat people justly and invite others with wisdom, to ENTER INTO ISLAAM COMPLETELY and it comes under BOUNDARY LIMITS as commanded by Allah. (Al_Quraan_002.083-085, 002.118, 002.208, 002.221, 002.229, 002:256, 002.278-279, 004.003, 004.009, 004.023-025, 004.034, 004.034, 004.035, 004.059, 004.128, 004.135, 005.044, 005.045, 005.047, 006.151-153, 011.113, 024.032, 016.115, 030:021, 107.004-007 ...). Avoid bad character, bad behavior, sins and evils, falsehood, Zina, homosexuality, deceit, fraud, false oaths and promises, theft, terrorism, needles killings, excesses and over acting in religious matters and rituals, enmity, grudge, adulteration etc. and practice piety, righteousness and good deeds to earn the Blessings of Allah.

7>    Jihaad (Struggle)
We all are children of Adam and Eve and we all are cousin brothers and sisters. Repel evil with the BEST. Avoid Shirk, Bidah, Un-Islaamic customs and practices, falsehood, exploitation of Islaam, misguidance by vested interests, sectarianism, Maslak and Fiqah differences as all of these are against Islaam.  Forgiveness is the key to avoid consequences and make friendship. We need to struggle to control ourselves and to develop peace around us. Only defensive war is allowed in Islaam, which do not hurt general innocent people including children, women, old and sick. (Al_Quraan_002:256, 008.061, 009.039, 008.060, 060.008, 110.001-003, 004.097, 016.041-042, 029.056-060, 041.034-036, 011.116). Quraan preaches moderation (Al_Quraan_002:143) in all matters of life.

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And withhold yourself with those who call on their Lord morning and evening desiring His goodwill, and let not your eyes pass from them (always yes sir, till they follow the Quraan and Really Authentic Sunnah), desiring the beauties of this world's life; and do not follow him whose heart We have made unmindful to Our remembrance, and he follows his low desires and his case is one in which due bounds are exceeded. (Al_Quraan_018.028)

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