In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Safety & Security of Masjids
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Safety and security is extremely important for all living creatures including human. Our home, institutions, workplace, Community Centers, Shopping Malls, Masjid, Churches, Synagogues, Mandirs and Temples etc. must be kept clean, safe and secure for their visitors/members. Remember: Saving a life is like save whole world, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005:032).


Cleanliness is extremely important for our health as well as our safety and security. Shoes MUST not all be allowed inside any Masjid unless it is securely packed in a bag to protect Masjid from its dirt/uncleanliness/germs, otherwise it will carry germs inside Masjid and in Sajood (Prostration) we touch our hand and our forehead on the ground and it catches from there, so diseases may spread.

Also, any Extra Long dresses/clothes (Extra Long Trousers/Burqa/Jilbab/Gowns/Shalwars/Maxi dresses etc.) which sweeps streets and carries germs MUST be banned in all Masjids for our better health and provide us germs free environments in all our Masjids.

Scents, Attars, Perfumes and Fragrance:

Keep in mind some people may die from peanut allergy. Many people have some kinds of allergies from certain kinds of Scents, Attars, Perfumes and Fragrance. In the west Governments are enforcing to have all public places FREE from all kinds of Scents, Attars, Perfumes and Fragrance, which includes Institutions, Workplaces and Hospitals etc. Scents, Attars, Perfumes and Fragrance may ignite many symptoms e.g. headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, malaise, confusion, loss of appetite, depression, anxiety, numbness, upper respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, difficulty with concentration and skin irritation etc. Remember: Fragrance FREE means no Fragrance and No Perfumes/Scents, while Scent FREE means it may contain Fragrance. All Masjids MUST be Fragrance FREE as well as during Hajj, Umrah and all other public places to care about our fellow brothers, sisters, our elders and our children who might have allergy with it.

You cannot detect any gas leaks or chemicals etc., if you use Scents, Attars, Perfumes or Fragrance and it will be extremely tough for our safety and security.

Safety and Security at Masjid:

In all trouble areas, we must have high quality multiple active surveillance cameras as well as security screening gates in all Masjids. All regular visitors/members at Masjids must register and keep very close eye on occasional and new visitors and must report to management immediately if they found any suspicious. We must keep in touch with New Muslims as well.


Donations to Masjids or Dawah Centers MUST be from Halaal/Clean Income. Those Masjids and Dawah Centers who take Donations MUST switch from cash based donations to Debit/Credit Cards based donations for better accountability, they MUST not hide how much donations they are getting from anyone including TAX departments. They MUST mention following words on their Notice Boards / Websites / Letterheads etc. “We ONLY Accept Donations from Halaal / Clean Income. Please refrain from Haraam / illegal Income, Allah is watching you. There is NO Guarantee to go to Heaven unless you 100% follow the Quraan”.


In modern time, Niqaab is an identity and symbol for robbers/intruders to hide their identity. In Niqaab it is hard to see who is behind it hiding himself/herself. A terrorist can come in Niqaab and blow our Masjids and put our life in danger. In old time Niqaab was only restricted to wife of Prophets and they were also restricted to their home, so that was not an issue. Main concern about Hijaab in the Quraan is to know there is pious Muslimah but by face covering no one know who is hiding behind a terrorist or Pious Muslimah. Please also read my article on this issue related to Safety & Security:

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