In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Islaam is a Complete Way of Life - We Need to Understand it
Compiled by Syed Sadruddin Hussain      
Reviewed by Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Islaam is a complete way of life and DEEN of guidance for all humanity bestowed by Allah (Al_Quraan_005:003). It is not a religion of Puja Pat (Mazhab) only as wrongly being projected to build more and more Masajid and confine Islaam to so called five principles not at all supported in the Quraan or any of the Authentic Hadith. The whole Quraan is the pillar of Islaam (100%) and all its guidance/directives have to be followed in letter and spirit to achieve Allah’s blessings for going to Jannah (Al_Quraan_002:038-039, 014:001, 016:064, 017:009, 027:001-002, 038:001-002, 029, 039:027, 047:024). The Quraan was bestowed by Allah in Arabic on our Prophet so that its message can be spread among the Arabic knowing people of Mecca and its surroundings first and warn them to come to the right path of Allah or face punishment on Judgment Day (Al_Quraan_012:001-003, 019:097, 042:007).

Further Allah says that had HE sent the Quraan in a different language, the Arabs would have said how can we read and understand the Quraan not in our language when the Prophet is also an Arab and Arabic knowing (Al_Quraan_041:044).  This should clear the prevailing thought amongst us as to why Allah had to bestow the Quraan in Arabic. Therefore there is no binding by Allah in the Quraan that we should read His message/guidance in Arabic only whether we understand it or not as wrongly preached by our Aalims/Imams/ Mouvis/religious leaders to promote their religious domination, priesthood and vested interests. Allah, the Creator of the Universe knows, listen and understand all languages and dialects of the human beings and also the calls, actions, signs of the deaf and dumb, non humans, angels, animals, creatures, insects etc. We should not treat Allah as Arabic knowing only. The previous three Holy Books of Allah i.e., Torah, Zuboor, and Injeel (Bible) were bestowed in the then prevalent languages at that time and not in Arabic. As such those who don’t know Arabic, they MUST read translation of the Quraan with explanation/Tafsir to understand and follow all the guidance/directives of Allah to achieve HIS blessings and to avoid misguidance, deviations, excesses etc. not in accordance with the Quraan.

It may be remembered that the main aim of Allah is to guide the erring humanity to HIS right path and to bow before Allah alone and practice piety, righteousness and good deeds and avoid all sins and evils, falsehood, Shirk, Bidah, deviations, excesses in religious matters, un Islaamic customs and practices, misguidance by the Taghoots, Demi Gods, Pirs, Faqirs, exploitations by vested interests, Satanic influences etc. Allah gave primary importance to education and learning (Al_Quraan_096:001-005) so that HIS message is read and understood by all humans in their respective languages.

Allah says Islaam has been made an easy and clear religion to follow and practice (Al_Quraan_027:001-002) so that the entire humanity understand and follows Allah’s guidance. Allah further says that no compulsion, force or difficulties have been imposed in following and practice of Islaam (Al_Quraan_002:256, 022:078). But our complete, easy and universal DEEN has been so much exploited that due to over and unnecessary research, it has been made as hard as possible with various ‘IFs’ and ‘BUTs’ resulting in various deviations, extremism, excesses and over–acting in rituals and religious matters, Shirk, Bidah, religious groupings, Tehriks, parties, cults of Pirs, Faqirs, Taweez, Aaamils, Ijtehad, Qyas, Ajmaa, Fiqah, Maslak and sectarian differences and giving preference to weak and unauthentic Hadiths / Sunnah, tales, stories, sayings and traditions mostly not in conformity with the Quraan to deviate and confuse the non-Arabic Muslims from the right path of Islaam. Some important directives of Allah are placed below guidance:

--- The Quraan leads mankind out of darkness into the light:  (Al_Quraan_014:001)

--- The Quraan was bestowed to learn, study and follow its directives: (Al_Quraan_038:029)

--- The Quraan guides the erring humanity with mercy for the people who believe and follow it: (Al_Quraan-016:064)

--- Follow the guidance of Allah to achieve HIS blessings to avoid grief but those who disbelieve and deny it, will go to Hell: (Al_Quraan_002:038-039)

--- Muslims must seek to understand the Quraan: Or their hearts locked up by them? (Al_Quraan_047:024)

--- The Quraan is based on truth but the liars don’t believe in the Book: (Al_Quraan_023:090)

--- The Quraan is guidance of light and righteousness for humanity: (Al_Quraan_015:009, 017:009)

--- Such exploiters/scholars/Aalims/Imams/religious leaders who misguide the people from the right path of Allah and earn money will go to Hell (Al_Quraan_009:034)

--- Use your brain to understand Allah’s message instead of remaining deaf and dumb (Al_Quraan_008:022)

--- Islaam as a complete DEEN (not Mazhab) is dear to Allah and those who disbelieve/differ in the verses of Allah, their accountability will be swift (Al_Quraan_003:019)

--- Muslims should become Ummath Wasth (sober and liberal minded avoiding all extremism and excesses): (Al_Quraan_002:143)

--- Muslims should avoid all excesses in religious matters and over-acting in rituals beyond truth due to misguidance by vested interests (Al_Quraan_004:171, 005:077)

--- Those who deliberately conceal Allah’s guidance to mankind (misguide the people) and sell or make an earning for projection of Islaam, such people will go to Hell (Al_Quraan_0020:41, 159, 174-175, 016: 095). Therefore Allah’s Guidance to Humanity should not be concealed but should be preached and projected without any monetary consideration as being done by our commercial Aalims, Moulivis, Imams, religious leaders, Mullahs, Naath Khwans etc. who have made it a monetary business. Our Prophet and his associates never ever exploited Islaam to make money or earn wages. They did hard work to make a living.

--- We all must direct ourselves to follow and listen to only those Aalims, Imams, Moulvis, Muftis etc. who do not ask for any payment or make money and who guide us rightly (Al_Quraan_036:021). The Prophet and his associates never ever received any payment for preaching and projecting Islaam. They did hard work to live.

--- Such scholars/Aalims/religious leaders/Pirs/Imams etc. who promote/create differences/deviations in the Book of Allah will go to Hell (Al_Quraan_002:176).

--- Allah asked our Prophet to follow and project Quraan and none and not even our Prophet was authorized by Allah to change/amend or deviate from the Quraan except preaching and explaining the Quraan to the people. Read details: (Al_Quraan_006:106, 007:203, 006:050, 010:015, 064, 094-095,109, 017:039, 018:027, 046:009). Hence all Hadiths/Sunnah, tales, stories, sayings, traditions should be in accordance with the Quraanic teachings.

--- Allah listen and respond to every human calling upon HIM (Al_Quraan_002:186, 040:060) and as such no Waseela or intermediary is needed for special DUA, Sifarish etc.

Hence in view of the above mentioned specific Ayaths what is more important is that of understanding the guidance/directives of Allah in our own language. It is impossible that every non-Arabic Ajmi Muslim could learn Arabic to read and understand the Quraan as being asked by our Aalims/Imams/religious leaders/Moulvis who deliberately disallow reading of the Quraanic translations to promote their vested interest and religious domination over us. More over our dependence on Moulvis, Aalims, Imams, Muftis, Pirs for religious guidance and Duaa has resulted in the domination of their priesthood over us as in Christianity (bishops, Pope), Hinduism (Gurus/ Pundits), Budhism ( monks ) which is not at all allowed by Allah (Al_Quraan_057:027).

We should all remember that Arabic is the common language of all Arabs, Muslims and Non Muslims and contain good and bad words and should not be termed as the only language of Allah alone. What is Holy that will lead us to Heaven with Allah’s blessings is that of following HIS guidance in letter and spirit along with Authentic Hadiths/Sunnah in conformity with the Quraan.

Hence reading of translation of the Quraan to understand its directives for practice is a MUST and should be made compulsory in all Madressahs and also Muslim Schools. The Madressahs should not charge any fees to teach Allah's Quraan which should be free otherwise they may upgrade their Madressahs into schools to teach all other subjects along with the Quraanic translation and charge fees. The Saudi Government has printed Quraanic translations along with explanations in various languages of the worlds and distributing them free to promote the Quraanic knowledge and guidance to Non Arab Muslims so that they are not misguided or exploited  by the Taghoots, Pirs, Faqirs, Demi Gods, vested interest to divide the Muslims into sectarian, Maslak, Fiqah differences etc. and to save them from Shirk, Bidah, Un Islaamic customs and practices, extremism, excesses in rituals and over acting in religious matters, sins and evils, falsehood, bad behaviors etc. Therefore simply reading, Tilawath, Qirath and Hifz of Quraan and kissing and keeping it on high altar is not enough. Allah’s guidance should be followed strictly and totally to the best of your ability along with Authentic Hadits/Sunnah in conformity with the Quraan.

Please circulate this in the best interest of our community and to promote the Quraanic message to mankind. Thanks.

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