In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Important Directives of Allah on HAJJ & Qurbani
(Avoid Excesses)
Compiled by Syed Sadruddin Hussain          
Reviewed by Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

None can change Allah’s words: Ref: Al-Kahf (018), Ayat  027 / Al_Ahzab (033), Ayat 062.


ISLAM IS BASED ON TRUTH, NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. ALWAYS UPHOLD TRUTH IN ALL MATTERS OF LIFE (Al_Quraan_002:147, 213 / 004:122, 170 / 007:181). ALLAH DIRECTS US TO NEVER HIDE THE TRUTH (Al_Quraan_002:042). THE HOLY QURAN IS LIGHT FOR ENTIRE MANKIND (Al_Quraan_005:015). This is actually the first Pillar of Islam. Please avoid falsehood and lies, false promises and false oaths, bluff etc. as it affect our IMAN and we will face Allah's wrath on Judgement Day. Practice of falsehood with corruption and fraud has become common in our society due to lack of Quranic knowledge and cornering Islam more to 'Puja Pat' rituals only. Our Masjid Imams and Ulemas should speak out Quranic Truth on all matters of life with solution to problems mentioned therein and avoid projecting such man-written manipulated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings, traditions, Caliphate differences which are not in accordance with the Holy Quran. Please give donations to only such Masajid which promise to project and promote all Quranic Guidance/ Ahkamaath with solutions to problems.


Allah specifically directs that none and not even our noble Prophet can change/amend or deviate from HIS specific Guidance/Mohkmaath (Al_Quraan_003:007) except preaching, projecting and following Islam, a complete way of life/Deen (Al_Quraan_005:003) and guiding the erring and deviated humanity and warning the non-believers to come to the Right Path of Allah. Please read details: Al_Quraan_010:015, 064, 094-095, 209/ 016:064/ 018:027/ 024:054/ 025:001, 056/ 033:002/ 046:009.


Hence be bold to reject all such weak, unauthentic and fabricated/manipulated man-written Hadiths, sayings, traditions, tales and stories, references etc. which are commonly quoted and exploited by our Mulla community to prolong their lectures/Khitabs that are not in conformity with the Holy Quran. Please read Quranic translation to understand Islam correctly to reject bogus Hadiths etc. that violate the Holy Quran. That is why Allah has disallowed priesthood (Al_Quraan_057:027) like Pope and Bishops, Gurus and Pundits, Monks as they exploit the religion in a worst manner to rule and dominate us.        


Hajj is Fard once in a life time subject to affordability (Al_Quraan_003:096-097). Hajj performance should be based on hard earned personal Halal income and there should not be any debt and other obligations on the person performing Hajj. There is no concept of free Hajj or performing Hajj on some one else money as it is Fard only on those who can afford it. Hajj-e-Badal or performing Hajj for some one else, dead or alive, as a substitute conflicts with the clear directives of Holy Quran as follows:

-------No bearer of any burden can bear the burden of another person (Al_Quraan_017:015 / 035:018).
-------Persons alive or dead are not equal and the dead lying in graves can listen nothing (Al_Quraan_035:022).
-------The dead and deaf can hear nothing (Al_Quraan_027:080).
-------The dead will only be awakened on Judgment Day and until then they will sleep under BARZAQ (barrier /veil) which prevents them from awakening (Al_Quraan_023:099-100 / 030:052).  


1.  After Hajj performance and Tawbah (repentance), the person concerned should shun all sins and evils and live a life of piety and do good deeds to earn the Blessings of Allah.

2.  Allah does not accept (Tawba) repentance of such persons who continue to indulge in sins and evils until death (Al_Quraan_004:018) even after performing Hajj time and again. There is no such verse of Allah that after Hajj, all sins and evils of a person are washed off automatically. Avoid such misguidance. This is just an important ritual of Allah binding on only those who can afford to perform it once in a life time.   

3.  Therefore instead of excessive performances of Hajj /Umra, the money thus saved should be spent for performing good deeds and helping the poor and the needy. According to authentic Hadith, our Prophet performed Hajj only once to set an example for his followers to avoid excesses.

4.  Allah directs us to avoid all excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals/Faraiz due to misguidance on the basis of weak and unauthentic Hadith (Al_Quraan_004:171 / 005:077). Avoid all exploitation and misguidance in this regard. Be moderate as Ummath Wasth (Al_Quraan_002:143) in all matters of life.


Hajj Qurbani is linked with performance of Hajj only and Hadrath Ibrahim, the builder of Kaaba was asked by Allah to ensure Qurbani is made by those performing Hajj for eating and distributing the meat to the poor and the needy. Further, Allah has allowed that those who could not afford to make Qurbani, they should keep fast for 3 days during Hajj and further fast for 7 days after they reach their homes thus totaling 10 days. Please read details: Al_Quraan_002:196 / 022:026-037. This indicates how Allah has made the Hajj ritual easy to follow.

……..Actually the Sunnah Ibrahimi event took place some 6000 years before the Holy Quran was bestowed on our Prophet on completion of our religion, Islam (Al_Quraan_005:003). The details are mentioned  in another Surah (Al_Quraan_037:102-108). When Hadrath Ibrahim tried to slaughter his son, Hadrath Ismail, at the command of God, then Allah pleased with the devotion and submission of Hadrath Ibrahim put a lamb/goat instead for slaughter.

……..Our Ulemas have unnecessarily linked Qurbani should also be given by those not performing Hajj after Wajib Namaz of Eid Ul Adha without Azan which is not at all practiced in Arabia. Neither this is supported in the Holy Quran or authentic Hadiths. The Hajis don’t pray Eid Ul Adha Namaz and therefore it has been made a Wajib Namaz without Azan and without any binding of Qurbani for those not performing Hajj.

……..However this Sunnah Ibrahimi can be given any time subject to requirement. But our Ajami Muslim due to lack of Quranic knowledge and Mullas’ exploitation try to give Qurbani on mass scale after Eid Ul Adha Namaz to over-take each other resulting in wastage of meat and shortage of animals.  Allah says that those who indulge in wastage and show business to impress others should fear Allah and the Judgment Day as they are companions of Satan (Al_Quraan_004:038). Please avoid all excesses and over-acting in religious maters and rituals (Al_Quraan_004:171 / 005:077). Follow Allah not exploiting Mullas.  

-------Qurbani of calf (being infant) is strictly prohibited and the cow for Qurbani should neither be too old or suffer from any disability/defect but should be young (Al_Quraan_002:067-071). No weak or unauthentic Hadith can supersede Holy Quran. Avoid all misguidance contrary to Holy Quran in this regard.

-------Only piety (TAQWA) of the Qurbani giver reaches Allah not the meat (Al_Quraan_005:027 /022:037). This means the Qurban Giver should be pious with Halal income.


All our brothers and sisters are cordially requested to read Quranic translation again and again being a Universal Deen/religion to understand and follow all the specific Guidance/Mohkmaath of Allah (Al_Quraan_003:007) correctly to avoid being misled or misguided on the basis of weak and unauthentic Hadiths, tales and stories, traditions not in conformity with the Holy Quran. Islam is a complete Deen/religion (Al_Quraan_005:003) not Mazhab/theology only which is part of our Deen. Please read some important Quranic Guidance/Mohkmaath below:


……….Allah has made the religion of Islam clear and easy to follow (Al_Quraan_005:015 / 006:105 / 019:097 / 024:018 /027:001-002 / 054:017, 032, 040). But our  Mulla community have made it as hard as possible to impose their priesthood domination on us.

………..Allah further says that there is no compulsion or force at all in religious matters and rituals (Al_Quraan_002:256 / 018:001 / 022:078) as wrongly and deliberately being projected on the basis of weak and fabricated Hadiths etc. by exploiting Mullas to divide and rule us.

………...Allah directs us to follow only those who are righteous as per Holy Quran and do not seek reward/money/wages (Al_Quraan_012:104 / 036:021) being a Fi Sabil Illah/voluntary work to achieve Allah’s Blessings.  Please avoid ‘commercial’ Alims/Masid Imams and others who have adopted Islam as wage/money earning profession. To make the income Halal, the Masjid Imams should do cleaning and repair work as no body is superior in a Masjid.

……….There is no need for a paid Mauzin for Azan only. In Turkish Mosques, they have installed an automatic mike call for Azan which should be installed by us also. Azan is simply a call for prayers only. But we treat it as something very holy to make Azan Dua followed by Darood Shariff. The Arabs laugh at our religious excesses and over-love for Islam.  Be moderate/Ummath Wasth (Al_Quraan_002:143).

..............Call, follow and make Dua/Ilteja to Allah alone who listen directly and has no associate / Shareek / Wasila/ intercessor / intermediary like Masjid Imams etc. (Al_Quraan_007: 003, 194 / 013:014 / 017:022 / 039:014 / 040:060). Hence after Namaz, make your own Dua directly to Allah. Don’t ask for Dua from any one else. Avoid this Shirk.

...........Allah is the only Living One with no other deity and hence Call, Bow and Worship Allah alone with sincere devotion (Al_Quraan_040:065). Avoid any Shirk like bowing, kissing and asking for help from Pirs, Faqirs, Mazar of dead saints etc.

..........Follow all Allah’s specific Guidance/Mohkmaath (Al_Quraan_003:007) as Islam is a complete way of life/Deen (Al_Quraan_005:003) and those who reject Faith will go to Hell (Al_Quraan_002:038-039). Don't corner Islam to so called five pillars only as the whole Quran is the Pillar of Islam.

..........Allah says that the worst people are those who do not use their brain to understand Islam but remain deaf and dumb (Al_Quraan_008:022) to get exploited by vested interests. Don’t be a blind follower of any exploiting Mulla.

............Allah has no Shareek/partners/Wasila/associate etc. as this is a unforgivable sin (Al_Quraan_004:048). Please avoid such Mullas i.e. Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Sajada Nashins, Taghoots etc. who indulge in Tawaiz, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona and special DUA business. All are equal before Allah and equally accountable and answerable for their deeds and misdeeds, sins and evils etc. before Allah as per Holy Quran.


In Pakistan, every big Mulla has his own religious group and party along with thousands of blind followers to divide and rule us. Islam has become a tool in their hands. They build lot of Masajid/Madressahs mostly illegally on open plots, play grounds, parks, big road intersections etc. and near to each other on sectarian, Maslak, Fiqah, cult, group and party basis to divide and rule us which is against the One Ummah concept of Islam (Al_Quraan_049:010). They wrongly call such sectarian/Maslak/Fiqah/cult based Masjid as House of Allah to receive aid and prevent their demolitions.


--------- Allah asks us to avoid excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals and not to follow the misguidance of such people (exploiting Mullas) who have gone astray from the Right Path of Allah (Al_Quraan_004:171 / 005:077). Avoid repeated Hajj, Hajj Badal and other excesses like practiced before Juma Namaz with two Azans instead of one, two long vague Juma Khitabs instead of one and two long Arabic Qutbas instead of one to delay Juma Namaz and not even allowing time to pray Sunnah Namaz. In Arabia such excesses are not practiced.

----------Allah directs us that when Azan for Juma prayers is heard, we should hasten earnestly to the Masjid and when the prayer is finished we should disperse (Al_Quraan_062: 009-010). But after Juma Namaz, our professional Imams unnecessarily make long DUA for all of us which is Bidah as the duty of an Imam is to lead the prayers only which any Muslim can do. That is why Allah has strictly prohibited priesthood (Al_Quraan_009:031, 034 / 057:027). Follow Allah not Mulla.

----------Almighty Allah understand and listens directly all Duas, requests, Ilteja, calls, actions, movements etc. of sane and insane persons, deaf and dumb persons, sick and disabled persons and also calls, movements of  Angels, Satan, animals, fish etc. (Al_Quraan_002:186 / 040:060 / 050:016 / 056:085) being the Creator. Hence make your own Dua directly to Allah after Namaz also. It is not necessary to make DUA in Arabic only as Allah is above languages  and dialects.


Our Mulla community since generations have been misguiding us that Arabic is the holy language of Allah and as such we should learn Arabic with correct pronouncing to read/recite and also do Hifz/memorization of Holy Quran without understanding not at all supported in the Holy Quran.  Islam is a Universal Deen and Holy Quran being an eternal Book of Guidance to entire humanity not Arabs alone, we should read Quranic translation with its explanation in our own language again and again to understand and follow Islam correctly to achieve Allah’s Blessings. Please avoid ‘worshiping’ the Holy Quran and keeping it on high altar and not touching and reading it without Wudu.  Wudu is only needed when you are totally unclean.  Allah is above languages, dialects etc. and HIS previous three Holy Books i.e. Torah, Zaboor and Bible were not bestowed in Arabic but in the then prevalent languages of the time to warn and guide the then deviated humanity to HIS Right Path.

………Allah says there are many exploiting Aalims/Mullas/Moulvis/Imams  etc. who misguide the people from the Right Path of Allah and unjustly earn money (Al_Quraan_009:034). We should avoid such professional money-earning  Mullas/Masjid Imams who do not promote Quranic Guidance/Mohkmaath (Al_Quraan_003:007) nor hold Dars-e-Quran session regularly but confuse us with weak and fabricated Hadiths, tales, stories, sayings, traditions etc. and have made Islam a ‘fairy tale’ type religion to waste our time and energy.

--------Allah asks us to hold fast to HIS rope to remain united as a single Brotherhood/One Ummah and worship HIM alone and not to get divided into sects etc. (sub sects, Maslak, Fiqahs, cults of Pirs, Faqirs, Babas, Taghoots, various leaders of religious.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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