In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Hajj Reform
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Hajj is fard only once in our lifetime for those who are physically fit (NOT Disabled) as well as financially healthy. One must know his/her Medical/Physical Fitness before going for Hajj to avoid being burden on others. Also they must start daily practice of FAST walking for 5 Kilo Meters for two months immediately after Ramadan before going for Hajj. Many of us might not be able to get another chance to perform it again in their lifetime.

At Hajj you may have to face many challenges, and that could be a test of patience for you, so be patience at all times, (Ref. Al_Quraan_005:002, 094). Remember: Hajj is NOT a Five Star PICNIC.

Ministry of Hajj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must re-organize Hajj using modern technologies to give equal opportunity to all Pilgrims (Hajees), since in front of Allah all Pilgrims (Hajees) are equal except those who are better in Taqwa NOT Money. Allah knows their Taqwa from their heart, which you cannot.

Suggestions on how they can arrange in future for Pilgrims to Hajj:

1>    Every Pilgrim to Makkah for Hajj MUST have guaranteed equal opportunity to offer at least five times of Salaat with Jamaat behind Imaam Kabaa inside Haram in Makkah.

2>    Every Pilgrim to Makkah for Hajj MUST have guaranteed equal opportunity to have one common standard of accommodation for all. NO Five Star Accommodations etc. & NO Five Star Picnic.

3>    Every Pilgrim to Makkah for Hajj MUST get guaranteed equal opportunity to stay near Kabaa to offer five times of Salaat with Jamaat behind Imaam Kabaa inside Haram in Makkah first and then move far away from Kabaa to give opportunity to others to have little less rush during this time. Otherwise those who go to Kabaa and sit there for a long time and of course for doing Ibadah but prevents other Pilgrims (Hajees) from doing their Ibadah or making extreme hardship on others, because of occupying all the spaces whenever they want during whole day and night.

4>    In Minaa as well, every Pilgrim to Makkah for Hajj & Umrah MUST have guaranteed equal opportunity to have one common standard of tents for all. No Five Star Tents etc. Number of washrooms must be increased so that people don’t have to lineups for hours. Special cares need to be taken to clean garbage DAILY otherwise there are chances to spread epidemic/pandemic deceases like SARS, BIRD FLUE, EBOLA. Already vast majority of Pilgrims are getting sick every year, which could be due to Great Mess of Garbage piles up at Mina. No one should be allowed to wash cloths there except for emergency. Cloths should be washed later when they go back to their hotels/accommodations etc. Hajj is for Ibadah only, not to waste time and create problems for others. All Pilgrims MUST be well prepared for these days.

5>    At Muzdalifah, make sure all highways are completely shut down for all traffics from sunset to sunrise, except those carrying Pilgrims and Saudi Officials performing duties at Hajj, on the night Pilgrims stay there during Hajj, and that is only once a year. Otherwise you don’t know what impact it will leave behind on Pilgrims health due to traffic pollutions passing from both sides of the Muzdalifah ground. Remember there are for sure many Pilgrims whose health are little week and may catch Pollutions base diseases and their life may become miserable for few months at least if not for very long period.

6>    All transportations must be provided on equal opportunities to all Pilgrims (Hajees) and it must follow a balanced good standard.

7>   There must be allocated time for all Pilgrims to perform Tawaaf of the Kabaa, Saee at Al-Safa & Al-Marwah, and Ramee at the Jamarat etc., to avoid any bad incidents, keeping in mind there will be sick and old people including women and we need to take care of all as much as possible. Minaa needs upgrade using modern technologies as one unified accommodation for all Pilgrims for Hajj as well as Umrah, instead of Five Star Hotels & Five Star Picnics. Modern Tents can be of solid bricks for ongoing reusability to reduce pollutions.

8>    They MUST also re-organized breeding of animals, as well as sending meats and skins after sacrifice to poor neighboring Muslim countries and get great rewards from Allah on supporting fellow Muslims.

9>    For safety, security of Kabaa & pilgrimages as well as for respect of Kabaa, they MUST NOT build any buildings/houses/shopping malls within 0.25 Kilo Meters, NO high rise buildings (more than two floors) within 5 Kilo Meters, and NO high rise buildings (more than four floors) within 10 Kilo Meters of Masjid al-Haram (Sacred Mosque which has Kabaa inside). Make sure NO washrooms/showers facing or backing towards Kabaa.

Labbayk Allahumma Labbayk. Labbayk La shareeka Laka Labbayk. Innal hamda Wan ni’mata Laka wal mulk. La shareeka lak.”

Here I am at Your service O Lord, here I am. Here I am. There is no partner to You. Here I am. Truly, all praise and favour is Yours, as well as all Dominion. There is no partner to You.”

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