In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Steps to Build Global States of Peace
by Irshad Mahmood - Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Global World is fed up with all kinds of Global Corruptions, Global Terrorism and Global Kiosk etc. There must be No More Global Holocausts/Genocide/Massacre around the Globe, Nether in Slow Motion & Nor in Fast Motion & Not with Cold War as well and No More Closed Door Meetings & No More Hidden Secret Agenda. Why Waiting for Saviors for Thousands of Years When Humanity is Dying Now, so don’t wait for Jesus (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) or Imaam Mahdi or others to come, Join Us to Save Humanity Without any Discrimination Now Before it Gets Too Late.

Major Roots of Global Corruptions:

The Majour Roots of Global Corruptions, Terrorism, Kiosk etc. are Global Poverty and Global Famine. Hiring Robots and Firing People will not resolve Global Issues, since a single machine may replace thousands of human but not a single human can ever replace a single machine. We must have a Global Savior System to save humanity without any discrimination, not for luxury rather for basic needs according to the time. When a country is born it also has a unique currency, for Global States of Peace we will have Unlimited Virtual Gold, where one gram of real gold is equal to one Virtual Gold. You cannot buy whole world with Gold, since it is little tiny part of whole world, since it is a reference point. Then money will not be the road blocker for serving Global Humanity, rather availability of sustains, and if possible to grow or build more we can do more. Below is an example of Global Downsizing-Shutdown-Lockdown.

Take an example of past time, when 1000 people were working in a farm land. Later they started using tractors and other machines, because of which layoff started happening and when comes superfast technology, more and more people were being off the jobs, perhaps they only need 10 people, then what those leftover 990 people will do and what education they need to get jobs. These 990 people were good customers to many businesses while on the job, and now they are not. Same way other businesses started using superfast technology and had laid off many employees, who were customers to many businesses as well, but not anymore. Although you are seeing other new technologies are coming into market, but later slowing down, since they calculated for total population and thinking that everyone has money tree in their backyards, but in reality they don’t have, since they have lost their job. Later industries started shutting down followed by banks and Governments as well.

Breeding grounds for all kids of Global Terrorisms and Global Crimes are Global Poverty and Global Famine, where people are widely available to do anything for little money for their survivals. Master minds can easily find them, twist them including their beliefs/faiths and forcefully use them according to their own desire. Master minds may also create some scenarios by all means including science fictions to fool people to rob the wealth of the world. Master minds may plan for hundreds of years if not thousands of years to rob the wealth of the whole world in stages. Master minds may also fool their citizens, and create scenario to prove that war is inevitable and must have to go for war, but in reality to run their war related businesses and become richer than ever before and again and again, or rob the wealth of others. Many wars in the past were based on lies and fooled their own citizens, e.g. Vietnam War, Gulf War on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq etc. EBOLA, SARS, AIDS & Chicken Pox etc. could be Biological weapons to wipeout people in other parts of the world as well as creating artificial famine. War is not an option in which economy dies again and again, BUT Love is, which starts from forgiveness as mentioned in the Quraan, (Ref: Al_Quraan_041:035).

We don’t know exact date when Global Poverty and Global Famine started due to Global Terrorism, either hundred years, or five hundred years or thousand years, but for sure we have the solutions in the Quraan, which teaches us to come to the common point without any discrimination of Religion, Race, Sect, Gender, Color, Nationality, Rich, Poor, Young or Old, etc., with 100% Guaranteed and without any compulsion in religion (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.256, 002.286, 003.064, 005.005, 005.035, 006.132, 013.011, 017.019, 018.029, 020.015, 028.084, 030.022, 042.030, 046.019, 049.013, 053.031, 053.039, 076.003, 091.007-010).

Where We Stand, with Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar to Save Humanity or with Shaitan to wipeout Humanity, check Your Action:

If you really love Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar you must help him by establishing Global States of Peace without any discrimination.
Either You are with AllahAllah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar - or - with Shaitaan/Devils.
Either You are with Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar’s Party to save humanity without any discrimination - or - with Devil/Shaitaan’s Party to destroy humanity.

We are One Human Race <---> One United Global Voice without any discrimination to build Heavenly Earth

Global World on the Edge of Total Collapse:

Today Global World is on the edge of total collapse and west started accepting that. In the news they started saying 1% are rich and 99% are poor, what about in the third world, perhaps it could be 1 in million rich and rest are poor.

If 99% are rich and 1% are poor, then rich can give charity of 1% which total from all rich will 99% then everyone will be balance, but if 98% are rich and 2% are poor and rich, then rich will have to contribute more. BUT what if 1% are rich and 99% are poor and no one has any hope to fix the Global System. What about the rest of the poor countries.

Although the BEST and EASIEST solutions are through Global, without any discrimination of religion, race, gender, colour, language etc. BUT even if Global World doesn’t understand, True Human Loving People around the Globe doesn’t need to sit and wait for Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar to come down and fix it. They must present an example to the rest of the world without any discrimination and not for big salary, benefits etc., rather to serve humanity. No matter from where ideas come, do research on all those ideas with positive attitudes. We need to take example from People like Abdul Sattar Edhi founded of the Edhi Foundation or others around the Globe. We have many Holy Books including the Bible, the Quraan, the Vedas etc. with us and we collectively need to do all necessary actions under our limited resources to fix all kinds of major and minor issues. First step on all these is to Educate our Citizens including Media and our Law and Order Enforcement Agencies (Police, Army, Judicial Systems etc.). Remember: No changes without right actions. Act now before it gets too late, keeping in mind tomorrow never comes.

Help Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar, in order to get help from Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar:

O you who believe! If you help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm, (AlQuraan_047.007).

We will, without doubt, Help our messengers and those who Believe, (both) in this world's life and on the Day when the Witnesses will stand forth, (Al_Quraan_040.051).

(To help Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar you need to take oath from Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar that you will help him to establish his Global States of Peace, a Heavenly Earth without any discrimination)

Take Oath from Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar to help him:

Surely those who swear allegiance to you do but swear allegiance to Allah; the hand of Allah is above their hands. Therefore whoever breaks (his faith), he breaks it only to the injury of his own soul, and whoever fulfills what he has covenanted with Allah, He will grant him a mighty reward, (Al_Quraan_048.010).

Reason for being Best Ummat-e-Ibrahim:

You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining (order) what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah. If only the People of the Book had faith, it was best for them: among them are some who have faith, but most of them are perverted transgressors, (Al_Quraan_003.110).

(To order, you need to be in Global Ministries, Global Parliaments, Global Courts, Global Police, Global Defense Systems and other Global Law and Global Order Enforcement Agencies etc. If you don’t fulfill your duties, then misleading people will destroy Global States of Peace, so don’t sit at home and come forward to help Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar by establishing his Global States of Peace without any discrimination)

Allah Granted Inheritance (of power) in the Land to the Believers:

Allah has Promised, to those among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a Surety, Grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion - the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: 'They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. 'If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked, (Al_Quraan_024.055).

(You will never be in power unless you help Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar to establish his Global States of Peace and help to those who are sincerely and peacefully working to establish his Global States of Peace without any discrimination. So don’t wait for Jesus (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) or Imaam Mahdi or others and do your duty to help Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar by establishing his Global States of Peace without any discrimination. Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar will ask you according to your ability and not Jesus (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) or Imaam Mahdi for not performing your duty. Every soul is responsible for his own deeds)

Emergency has been Imposed on Ummat-e-Ibrahim from Allah to build Global States of Peace Immediately:

At the time of Prophets and Messengers Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar used to inform people through them, but since no more Prophets or Messengers after Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) to come, so it is current condition on which if we try to think on, then it may help us to understand that we have fallen into same condition like before to come to Global Unity immediately, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.063). You can see for centuries till now Tuesday 11-NOV-2016 that Ummat-e-Ibrahim conditions are worsening day and night. Verily Allah will never change the condition of a people until they (first) change it themselves, (Ref: Al_Quraan_013.011).

Perhaps we don't have any choices other than come under one Global Flag to establish Global States of Peace, since all other choice may not work, due to lack of right technology and it is only the last hope for Global People without any discrimination.

Always Remember:

No More Violence and Not a Single Violence, since Violence is hurting Global Peace very badly.
No More Mistakes and Not a Single Mistake.
Education is the Key to the success of a Nation and is necessary for both Men and Women, (Ref: Al_Quraan_096.001-096.005).
No More Demolishing of Institutions for Boys or Girls, Not a Single Institution. It is the lack of Education of Men and Women which brought Ummat-e-Ibrahim at this stage. First Institution for our kids is their Mother (a Woman) and she needs to be well educated.
Allah does not measure the length of Beard of a Man to check his emaan, but checks his heart for his/her deeds (right actions).
No more burning of Barber shops, No more Demolition of any building.
Muslim Women must wear Scarf/Hijaab an additional cloth over their head and chest on top of loose fitting cloths which does not show off their shape of the body, similar to what they are supposed to wear at Hajj. You can teach your women with true love without force and those who sincerely love Allah will sure wear it, (Ref: Al_Quraan_033.059, 024.030, 024.031).
Government Buildings are Public Properties are paid by Public Tax Money etc.
No more destruction of Government Building, if you demolish today and later you come into power, you may have to re-build it again, which might take ages not overnight.
Justice must have to be done in the light of Quraan, without any discrimination, since unjust are disbelievers.
"Remember! The command is for none but Allah", (Al_Quraan_018.026).
Inter-Sect Marriages may help unite Ummah BUT those who want to go for this, must have to be very sincere about it to build the bridges.
Do your part (right actions), forgive each other and leave the rest on Allah, by fully trusting on Him.

Following are four basic phases to Build Global States of Peace:

Phase-1:          Perfect Global Unity of Ummat-e-Ibrahim
Phase-2:          Professional Election
Phase-3:          Perfect Defense and NOT Offense
Phase-4:          Future Development


The First Phase to Build Global States of Peace is Perfect Global Unity in each and every matter, without which we might never ever achieve our goal. If you are not coming towards Perfect Global Unity, maybe you are the problem towards Global Unity. After you join the Global Unity, You must also invite others towards Global Unity.

The provinces we now know as Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined together to create the new country of Canada on July 1, 1867. Later on other provinces and territories joined Confederation and became part of Canada.

History of the UNITY of East and West Germany is not far behind. Also history of European Union is not so far as well. It was people who stand firmly, due to which their rulers had no choice other than get unite peacefully.

We (Global People) must stand firmly and peacefully to build Global States of Peace by uniting all Countries to join the Confederation of Global States of Peace.

We together need to save all those people who are badly suffering from Global Poverty and Global Famine. We will Feed them, Shelter them, Educate them and put all of them on Research & Development and make them free from burden on rest of the world as much as possible. For this we must have to use Unlimited Virtual Gold as currency, only for basic survivals NOT for luxury, where a sip of wine or a single smoke will be treated as luxury but not the computer for educations/studies. All Global Students will get totally free educations along with stipends/allowances for their survivals, so that they can fully concentrate on their studies which will help to build Whole New World (Heavenly Earth). Detail Project Guide Lines (Global Agendas) needs to be developed with full cooperation with all the People and all the government around the world.

Remember: “NO VIOLANCE”; otherwise it will create negative effects.
Remember while Voting: Either You are with Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar’s Party or with Shaitaan’s Party


The Second Phase to Build Global States of Peace is Global System, without which, we cannot survive. No one is above the law and Global Laws must be Universal for Global People. We need to work intellectually, so we need a Professional System. There will be Professional Election, and not an ordinary Election. In those regions where there is Open Democracy there is a peaceful chance to come through present elections, BUT first we need to teach the people and invite them. We need to explain in little detail the “Professional Election” to the people.

No Vote to Global Peaceful Party is also a Vote to other party. Election is a kind of Baith (Promise, Agreement, Support) what Sahabaa used to have and it is a witness as well as a Justice. So be careful. It is also a Great Peaceful Jihaad to build Global States of Peace without any discrimination.
Caution! Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar may punish those who vote to Non-Peaceful Party while there exist a Global Peaceful Party, which is sincerely and peacefully working to build True Global States of Peace. Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar may also punish those who just sit in the home and don’t go for vote to the Global Peaceful Party and because of that Non-Peaceful Party may come in the power and destroy the Global System.

Think! There is a way to get peaceful victory, and for that we only need majority of True Global Peace Loving Voters then there is no doubt that the Global Peaceful Party will come in the power and will be able to build Global States of Peace without any discrimination. We may not get success without Perfect Global Unity.

Warning! Tell Every Peace Loving Global People that they must support the Global Peaceful Party if it exists in their region by giving their vote as well so that Global States of Peace may be established peacefully, otherwise Non-peaceful Party may destroy the Global System and Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar may punish you as well. So Be Careful.

Have you not seen those who assert that they believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you? They desire to summon one another to the judgment of the Shaitaan, though they were commanded to deny him, and the Shaitaan desires to lead them astray into a remote error, (Al_Quraan_004.060).

Together we need to work on to build Whole New World and find solution to present Global System, so that people from Phase-1 can be re-employed/re-deployed. We will only give suggestions and recommendations from Phase-1, and pray for them, without any force. We will wait forever to fix Global World, even if takes hundreds of years or millions of years, as long as all the People around the world and all the Government around the World allow us to run Phase-1 Globally using Unlimited Virtual Gold as a new currency only for basic survivals including their studies and research and developments around the globe. All prototypes, solutions and suggestions etc. will be totally FREEWARE (no license needed) and will be fully allowed for everyone.

Help Allah to get Help from Allah/God/Bhagwan/Ishvar:

O you who believe! If you will Help Allah, He will Help you, and plant your feet firmly, (Al_Quraan_047.007).


Once Phase-2 is fixed, we can move on for Cosmetics/Luxury including protection of Global People and Global Land etc. to build Heavenly Earth and Sky is the limit. We must make sure that pollutions etc. are totally under control. We cannot defend ourselves without Perfect Defense and NOT Offense.

Remember: There is a Great Lesson in Surah AL-FIL (THE ELEPHANT), Chapter 105. People of Makkah al-Mukarramah don't have enough power to defend themselves, so they rush to save their lives and left Kabaa on Allah's mercy.

Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World, (Ref. Al_Quraan_005.032).

Only Forgiveness with True Love Can Save the Global World:

The Global World is shrinking and becoming a Global Family. I found this as a KEY point in cooling down the mind of others, so always remember and keep reminding, that we are the children of Adam and Eve and we are Cousin Brothers and Cousin Sisters and we are a Global Family.
If we don't forgive each other than Terrorism will keep growing and going on and on and will become never ending cycle.

Let there be NO compulsion in Religion (Believe): Truth stands out clear from error, (Al-Quraan_002:256).

Unto you your religion (Believe), and unto me my Religion (Believe), (Al_Quraan_109:006).


The Forth Phase to Build Global States of Peace is Future Development, since we naturally need our people and land to develop according to time and place for its ongoing needs.

May Allah UNITE all Ummat-e-Ibrahim to build Global States of Peace, AMEEN.

Allah Never Destroys the Good Nations:

If there had only been a few persons with a little [sense] left to forbid corruption on earth out of those We saved among the generations before you! They followed those who did wrong in whatever they had been luxuriating in, and were criminals. Your Lord would never destroy any towns for doing wrong while their people were trying to reform, (Al_Quraan_011.116-117).

Allah Never Changes the Conditions of a Nation till their People (NOT their Leader) Changes themselves:

In the manner of the people of Pharaoh and those before them; they disbelieved in Allah's communications, therefore Allah destroyed them on account of their faults; surely Allah is strong, severe in requiting (evil). This is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing, (Ref: Al_Quraan_008.052-053).

Invitation to Global People:

If you have better plan please share with people around the Globe, otherwise please join together and invite others to join this Great Noble Mission before it gets too late and who knows you could be next in line suffering badly from Global Terrorisms. I don’t ask any single penny for this in Donations (ZERO Donations) and it is a Unique Global Charity, without asking any donation rather FULL permission from all people and all governments. If Allah asks on the Day of Judgment, I and those who support this can clearly say we have done our best to invite people to support it, but it is on rest of the people and all governments.

I invite you all to join this Unique Great Noble Mission and invite others to join it, to save Humanity from Global Poverty and Global Famine, which will sure gradually reduce Global Crime as well, without any discrimination of religion, race, color, gender, language or nationality etc.

Road Blockers to Humanity are those who do not join it as well as those who do nothing to save Humanity.
Thinking locally while living in Global World will not save our Global World.
Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation or Global World.
Do not even think to try to re-appoint those who were failed to protect the corruptions in the land. Media Must Play an Active Role.
A single machine may replace thousands of humans BUT not a single human can ever replace a single machine.

Why Waiting for Saviors for Thousands of Years When Humanity is Dying Now, so don’t wait for Jesus (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) or Imaam Mahdi or others, Join Us to Save Humanity Now Before it Gets Too Late.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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