In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Doctor Kalonji (Black Seeds)
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) delivered complete message (the Quraan), and didn’t hide any single message of Allah. He was NOT a Physician or Medical Doctor, rather supper expert of the Quraan which is not a book of Medicine or science although it has mentioned few things about medicines and some scientific facts etc., rather it is the Book of Guidance for Humanity to educate People to save themselves from Disasters. Nowadays there are many diseases including cancerous diseases which might not be treated from Kalonji (Black Seeds) only and so people are inclined to modern medical treatments to save themselves & their loved ones, since saving a life is like save the whole world. If someone is sick, he/she must consult Doctors and make sure to have second and third opinions and in complex cases one might have to have few more extra opinions, to make sure Doctors are not fooling them to earn more money. Life is only onetime one has to take care of it as much as possible. Don’t behave like Doctor Kalongi of 21st Century, rather Love yourself and your loved ones and don’t treat all diseases with Kalonji (Black Seeds) rather go for modern treatments if needed, which could be new type of medicines, radiations, surgery, chemotherapy, stem cells, or bone marrow etc.

Side effects from all medicines are norm, some are temporary for which people should not be worried, but those which are permanent one must be worry about. Parents and specially Mothers need to upgrade their knowledge about medicines to save their loved ones and specially their children.

Home Remedies and Naturopathic Medicines could be good for minor diseases or long term treatments in addition to Modern Treatments. We must know basic knowledge of all of these to save our loved ones. Below are just few links to upgrade our knowledge.

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We MUST come out of Dream of 7th Century and plan ahead for thousands of years from now by taking Guidance from the Quraan, so read it with understanding to get real benefit of it and inform others as well to increase its benefits even more.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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