In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
How Ummah Deviated from the Quraan
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Demands of Quraan for every Muslims:

1> You Must Believe in the Quraan otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
2> You Must Read the Quraan with understanding/translation otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
3> You Must Understand the Quraan otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
4> You Must Practically Act upon Teachings of the Quraan in spirit otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;
5> You Must Convey the Messages and Teachings of the Quraan to others in spirit otherwise you are welcoming Curse of Allah;

How Ummah Diverted from the Quraan and Trapped in GREAT Conspiracy?

In the struggle for power and domination the Quraan had been the biggest challenge to the Hypocrites. Although, they could not stop Muslims from obedience of the Quraan BUT they succeeded in giving them very wrong concepts about it. That was a great conspiracy which took them three centuries to establish false beliefs and practices among the Muslims. These beliefs and practices are now falsely included into the Book of Hadeeth or Book of Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-Him), since they cannot modify the Quraan, which is protected by Allah.

During the life time of the Prophet and his companion, it was impossible to say anything against the Quraan but after them there was no check. The Hypocrites had flooded the Muslims world with LIES and fabrications against the Quraan. If anyone questioned that such and such belief or practice is against the Quraan the reply had always been, like today, that this is Sunnah of the Prophet. This way the Hypocrites took away the Quraan from Muslims and succeeded in inflicting upon them an ignominious life. Remember: Each and every single Ayaat of the Quraan is THREE-IN-ONE i.e., it is Word of Allah, Word/Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him), since it came from HIS mouth and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him), since HE was walking/talking Quraan and he practically showed it to us as well. Seerat-al-Anbiyaas.

Now, what happens they read lot of the Quraan but for Thawab only and not for guidance for them.  They establish prayers but to worship Allah and not to combat Fohsha wal Munkarat. They pay regular charity but to purify the wealth and not for its circulation among all classes in the society. And, when you ask them why they are doing this? Everyone will reply this is Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-Him). And if asked who told this is Sunnah? They will name anyone from among the Companions who lived during the first century - for example, Abu Huraira (ra), Omer (ra) or Aisha (ra) reported this and that. When asked who told this? They will name anyone from Taabe'heen or Tabb'a Taabe'heen who lived during the second century. When asked further they will ultimately confess that all this stuff came to us through Bukhari and other Mohaditheen who lived during the third century.

In other words, the Muslims are trapped in a great conspiracy. They are deceived to follow the path which is not found in the Quraan. They think they are treading into the footsteps of the Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) but, in fact, they are treading into the footsteps of Shaitaan. The interesting aspect of this conspiracy is that no one feels guilty. In spite of, all the sufferings and humiliations they are proud of what they are doing in the name of the Prophet and Islaam. No one likes to come out of this darkness. And, if any blessed soul endeavors to show them the right path they consider him an agent of the Enemy of Islaam. One wonders, what else the Enemy of Islaam want to do with the Muslims. They had already sent them to the bottom of hell.

The truth is that the real source of Muslims unity and honor was the Quraan. The Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) and his great companions followed nothing except the Quraan. They never looked for guidance to any other historical or ideological source other than the Quraan. They were solely inspired and motivated by the Quraan. When the Prophet (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) was alive and his life was the perfect embodiment of the Quraanic Values. After his (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) death, Muslims kept treading in his footsteps and followed the Quraan with more zeal and devotion. The Quraan elevated them to the highest level of morality and wisdom. They achieved great success and honor in the contemporary world and remained dominant as long as they followed the Quraan.

How Iblis/Shaytaan might have Deviated Ummah from the Quraan?

Whether one believe or not Iblis/Shaytaan is the biggest enemy of all human and he tries all his best to deviate us by all means which includes changing our top priorities from saving human to worshipping or at least slowing down from practicing on the commandments of Allah in spirit, if not fully successful on deviating human from the Straight Path (Siraat-al-Mustaqeem). Remember: He alone has super most experiences than any human on earth since from the time of Adam and his experiences will keep increasing till the Day of Judgment.

Deviating Ummah from concentrating on Friday Khutbah/speech:

The main purpose of the Friday Khutbah/Speech is to explain the verse of the Quraan in modern time and for audience it is necessary to come on time and listen to it with full attention. BUT then came Hadeeth against the direction of the Quraan to offer Sunnah even if Friday Khutbah has been started, this way they are not concentrating on Friday Khutbah/Speech as well as disturbing others on concentration.

Allah said that Momin (Men as well as Women) keeps Masjids active not absence from it. BUT Hadeeth came against it saying for Women it is better to offer Salaat/Prayers inside home is better than Masjid which is totally against the commandments of Allah. Our Future Generation fully depends on Mothers whose education must be at the top level, BUT alas Iblis/Shaytaan got succeeded in deviating Ummah on Zero Education for Women, which has lead this Ummah to the BOTTOM on the list of Failure Nations from TOP of the list of Successful Nations. When we give Zero Education to our Women then what we expect from our Child other than Zero/Zero. Remember: Trees are recognized by its Fruits. It is ridiculous that women are everywhere (at work, on shopping etc.) but don’t go to Masjid for Salaah/Prayers especially on Friday Salaah/prayers and it is more crazy that many masjids don’t have any arrangement for women and alienating them. Those who misses Friday Khutbah/Speech misses the benefits of Friday Salaah/Prayers and offers half of Dhur Salah/Prayers (i.e. 2 Rakaat instead of 4).

Our Global Masjid is only one which is Al_Masjid al-Haram which has Kaaba inside it in Makkah al-Mukarram, Saudi Arabia, to perform Hajj and Umrah, uniting Global Muslim Ummah at one place, get the benefits from here, and see few signs of Allah, in addition to establishing regular five times prayers as well as additional prayers including Tahajjud Prayers according to local time. Remember, it is the first worshiping place and center of the guidance for the mankind. Hajj and Umrah must be performed from Halaal income, BUT Iblis/Shaytaan has deviates us and we are making Shaytaan happy without knowing it. Eating Halal from Halaam income is also forbidden.

All our Masjid must reflect Masjid al-Nabawi in Madinah al-Munawarah, Saudi Arabia of the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him). It is a Role Model for all local Masjids, since Rasool Allah (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) used this as a Role Model to perform many duties including following:

1>    Trained Muslim Ummah which includes, children, adults (men and women). Trainings were superb in all disciplines including Multi-Faith / Multi-Sect Friendly Dialogues, Defense and of course the Quraan, Establish a course on Quraanic Arabic Language for Non-Arabs and proved that it was the best up-to-date institution in the whole world at the time of Rasool Allah (Peace-Be-Upon-Him).

2>    Established the best Judicial System to help Humanity without any discrimination.

3>    Established the best Community Centre to help Humanity without any discrimination.

Alas Iblis/Shaytaan got succeeded in deviating many of from right cause and wasted our money and energy on building more and more Masjids without right cause in sprit according to the Quraan. You will hardly find any Masjid fulfilling the commandments of Allah.

Our foundation has been shattered by Iblis/Shaitan, which has led many of us to fall on falsehood and deviated many of us from strictly following the Quraan. Look at many by named Muslims verify their actions from the Quraan, you will sure find many of them indulge in falsehood, Innovations/Biddah, worshipping graves & dead, asking pirs, faqirs etc.

How Iblis Deviated Ummah from Saving a Life to Killing Lives:

Allah has forbidden on killing innocent lives BUT Iblis/Shaytaan has fooled Ummah to fall into falsehood and gave License to Kill like James Bond has in movies. Iblis/Shaytaan got succeed on issuing License to Kill on the issue of Blasphemy Law or Murtid (Leaving Deen), Honour Killing etc., while Allah has forbade it completely.

O you who believe! retaliation is prescribed for you in the matter of the slain, the free for the free, and the slave for the slave, and the female for the female, but if any remission is made to any one by his (aggrieved) brother, then prosecution (for the bloodwit) should be made according to usage, and payment should be made to him in a good manner; this is an alleviation from your Lord and a mercy; so whoever exceeds the limit after this he shall have a painful chastisement. And there is life for you in (the law of) retaliation, O men of understanding, that you may guard yourselves, (Al_Quraan_002.178-179).

Flog both the adulterous woman and the adulterous man (married or unmarried) with a hundred lashes, and do not let any pity for either party distract you from [complying with] Godīs religion if you believe in God and the Last Day. Have a group of believers witness their punishment, (Al_Quraan_024.002).

Although Muslims are urged to be very patients in every matters including Blasphemy as mentioned in the Quraan, however Allah has given very limited authority to Islaamic Government to established peace in Muslims Countries as last option in a balanced way, (Ref: Al_Quraan_018.028, 004.059, 004.140, 005:033, 005.57, 006.068, 018.106, 033.60-62, 045.33). Remember there are very strict laws in the Bible in Book of Leviticus 24:16 and also in Hindus Holy Book Manusmriti 9:248 for Blasphemy as well. True peaceful rally in front of Parliament/Secretariat Buildings, Courts and Palaces etc. is necessary during the weekends, which do not hurt Peoples economy as well as businesses. True Islaamic Government must fines those doing these types of verbal abuses/crimes, in addition to put them into jail for limited time and teach them all the Quraanic (True Book of Guidance) Messages in their language during this jail time regardless of diplomats or high officials, (Ref: Al_Quraan_009.006). Anyone entering into Muslims Country must be taught a Brief Quraanic Messages before issuing them visas including Diplomats and High Officials.

Reading few chapters or Ayaat of the Quraan without understanding it is also deviating Ummah from the Quraan:

There are many Muslims around the world who do regular wazifa i.e. reciting few verses or few chapters of the Quraan while neglecting on pondering on the whole Quraan and this way they waste few hours as well as their energy every day, after that they are not able to concentrate on understanding the Quraan. They are deviating from fundamental demands of the Quraan i.e. believing on the Quraan, reading the Quraan, understanding the Quraan, practically acting upon teachings of the Quraan and conveying the messages and teachings of the Quraan to others with Wisdom. The Quraan means the whole Quraan not just few verses or few chapters of it.

Shirk and Bidah and un-Islaamic customs, Pirs, Faqirs, Taghoots, Taweez, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona:

Read Quraanic translation to understand Islaam correctly without exploitation and deviation and follow all the Guidance of Allah in letter and spirit. Today we are more divided on Islaamic matters and rituals so much so our Masjids are also divided due to the evil influence of commercial and deviated Mullas. Sectarianism, Maslaki and Fiqah differences, extremism, suicide bombings, killings, exploitation, deviation, practice of Shirk and Bidah and un-Islaamic customs, Pirs, Faqirs, Taghoots, Taweez, Ganday, Jadoo, Tona etc. are on the rise.

We need to end exploitation of Islaam by Misguided Mullas and their religious groups and parties to divide and rule us. These Mullas are more divided on Islaam and cannot merge into one another for the sake of Islaam to promote one Ummat-e-Ibrahim concept. They promote religious extremism, sectarianism, deviation, Maslaks and Fiqah differences, Cults of Pirs and Faqirs, Tawaiz, Gandays, Jadoo, Tona, un-Islaamic customs and practices to divide the nation resulting in Jihadist the Killer of Humanity in the name of True Peaceful Islaam doing all sorts of in human activities like suicide bombings and killings etc. They have divided our Masajids also and celebrate two to three Eids to spoil the image of Islaam. All the religious parties/groups MUST be BANNED in the interest of True Peaceful Islaam to save humanity. We must circulate it to save humanity from religious extremism and killings.

O you who believe! Strong Drink (Intoxicants), gambling, idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan’s handiwork. Leave it aside in order that you may succeed, [Al_Quraan_005.090].

Say (O Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him), to the disbelievers): I say not unto you (that) I possess the treasures of Allah, nor that I have knowledge of the Unseen; and I say not unto you: Lo! I am an angel. I follow only that which is inspired in me. Say: Are the blind man and the seer equal? Will you not then take thought, [Al_Quraan_006.050]?

Say (O Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him): I have no power over any good or harm to myself except as Allah wills. If I had knowledge of the Unseen, I should have multiplied all goods and no evil should have touched me: I am but a Warner, and a bringer of glad tidings to those who have Faith, [Al_Quraan_007.188].

This day, I have Perfected your Religion for you and Completed my Favor unto you, and have chosen for you as Religion Al-Islaam. Whoso is forced by hunger, not by will, to sin: (for him) lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful, [Al_Quraan_005.003].

Why Blame Others: Pointing fingers is actually pointing three fingers on you. Mischiefs/Oppressions could also be done by those religious scholars who exploit Muslims to come on the street violently by taking the laws in their own hands, since they do not understand the wisdom of the Quraan. It is duty on every single Muslims Men and women to at least read few verses from the Quraan with translation DAILY and if they need more explanation on those verses then consult Religious Scholars, not just one but must have second, third and fourth opinions, including from other sects, just like for your critical and complex treatments, many times you need to consult more doctors for second, third and fourth opinions, if you are smart enough.

Actions needed by Muslim Scholars/Ulemaas and Muslims Countries:

All Muslim Scholars/Ulemaas and Muslims Countries are urged to immediately arranged special task force to consolidate all Hadeeth books into one Authentic, Approved and Issued by Saudi Arabia and remove all un-authentic hadeeth which contradict the Quraan in sprit. Also they need to re-define/re-write Sharia Law in the light of the Quraan. Otherwise more and more extreme nature of Blasphemy may arise for which Allah may punish those Muslims, Muslim Scholars/Ulemaas and Muslims Countries who do not participate or support to clean up all the mess which contradict the Quraan to save humanity. Remember Age of Ayesha (RA) was 18+Plus, as according to the teaching of the Quraan age of puberty is necessary and if you re-check the Islaamic History and re-calculate it. Ayesha (RA) was born in Makka al Mukarrama and later migrated to Al Madina Al Monawara. Also Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) never had another wife/wives during the life of his first loving wife Khadija.

Stay Away from Haraam and Mojor Sins, below are just few to Stay Away to start with:

Haraam Income which is not under the fundamental guideline of the Quraan;
Buying houses on mortgages unless you don’t have any other option and rent will be higher than mortgages & utility bills etc.;
Holding Credits on Credit Cards; Keeping Credit Cards and immediately paying the dues is fine, since at many places you don’t have choices other than using convenient Credit Cards.
Eating/Consuming non halaal meat, foods or drinks etc.;
Disobedience to parents;
Ill treatment of either wife or husband;
Sending of children to Islaamic school but NOT practicing Islaam themselves in sprit in the light of the Quraan;
Undue extravagance: Luxuries (Castles, Rolls Royces, Cadillacs etc.);
Engaging in frauds and corruptions;
Celebrating Mawlid, etc.;

Islaam cannot be customized to suit individual needs and lifestyles. This is a great hypocrisy. Stay away from Haraam, Shirk and Kufr. The changing of Allah’s laws is forbidden in Islaam. Allah condemns religious leaders who alter divine principles. One who attempts to make changes places him or herself on the same level with Allah, committing polytheism. An example of this would be to make the killing of innocents lawful. The laws of Allah are perfect and do not need to be “modernized” by anyone. Allah allows us the freedom to obey or disobey Him by choosing to follow His faith or to follow our own desires. However, He forbids us to change His religious fundamental principles. Scientific Inventions which are not against fundamental guidelines of the Quraan are Halaal.

Disasters are not without any reason:

Mischief (Disaster or Corruption) has appeared on land and sea because of (the evil) that the hands of men have earned, that (Allah) may give them a taste of some of their deeds: in order that they may turn back (from Evil), (Ref: Al_Quraan_030:041).

Disaster ceases not to strike them because of what they do, or it dwell near their home until the threat of Allah come to pass, (Ref: Al_Quraan_013.031).

In the above two Ayaat Disaster points to both the Natural Disasters as well as Man Made, including a Cruel Ruler. Do we think that Allah will change our conditions, since we just recite Kalima and obey few of His commands? It is our mistake. Allah never changes the condition of people unless they change themselves. This Ummah has to change immediately with true love with humanity, so don't delay, time is running out. If you think that Cruel Ruler is not a Disaster, Think again.

Take an example of present condition in Iraq and Syria, their language is Arabic BUT they are widely divided into several sects, like Shia, Sunnee, Kurd etc. They still didn't change and get united immediately, so perhaps Allah didn't change their condition of being butcher as well as many others in the past and may be in the future. Who knows that they will be the next. Change yourself to unite perfectly and immediately. It is not an unity if you still are Shia, Sunnee, Kurd etc. Please read my article on Perfect Unity of Muslim Ummah.

Disaster gets more and more Killer, after an Informer (Warner) arrives in a town (city / country):

Whenever We sent a Prophet (Informer / Warner) to a town, We took up its people in suffering and adversity, in order that they might learn humility, (Ref: Al_Quraan_007.094).

Allah Never Destroys the Good Nations:

But why were there not among the generations before you those possessing understanding, who should have forbidden the making of mischief in the earth, except a few of those whom We delivered from among them? And those who were unjust went after what they are made to enjoy of plenty, and they were guilty. Your Lord never annihilates any community unjustly, while its people are righteous, (Ref: Al_Quraan_011.116-117).

Allah Never Changes the Conditions of a Nation till their People (NOT their Leader) Changes themselves:

In the manner of the people of Pharaoh and those before them; they disbelieved in Allah's communications, therefore Allah destroyed them on account of their faults; surely Allah is strong, severe in requiting (evil). This is because Allah has never changed a favor which He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition; and because Allah is Hearing, Knowing, (Ref: Al_Quraan_008.052-053).

Corruption in the Land is because of Peoples Deeds:

Corruption has appeared in the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have wrought (done), that He may make them taste a part of that which they have done, so that they may return, (Ref: Al_Quraan_030.041).

Disasters Continues on Disbelievers including Non-Practicing Muslims:

Even if a Quraan caused mountains to move, or the earth to tear asunder, or the dead to speak (they will not believe). Allah controls all things. Is it not time for the believers to give up and realize that if Allah willed, He could have guided all the people? The disbelievers will continue to suffer disasters, as a consequence of their own works, or have disasters strike close to them, until Allah's promise is fulfilled. Allah will never change the predetermined destiny, (Ref: Al_Quraan_013.031).

Miserable Life of Disbelievers which includes By Name Muslims (Not Practical as Demanded by the Quraan):

And whoever turns away from My reminder (message), he will have a miserable life, and We will raise him on the Day of Resurrection, blind, (Ref: Al_Quraan_020.124).

Disbelievers are losing their Lands:

Nay, We gave the good things of this life to these men and their fathers until the period grew long for them; Do they not then see that We gradually reduce the land (in their control) from its outlying borders? Is it then they who will win? (Ref: Al_Quraan_021.044)

Destruction of Disbeliever's Land:

And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction. And how many of the generations did We destroy after Nuh! and your Lord is sufficient as Knowing and Seeing with regard to His servants' faults, (Ref: Al_Quraan_017.016-017).

Why should Allah punish you if you have thanked (Him) and have believed in Him, and Allah is Ever All-Appreciative (of good), All-knowing, (Ref: Al_Quraan_004:147).

More and more record breaking Disasters are coming all over the world and one after another. Regardless of Muslims or Christian or others, everyone is suffering badly. It is time to Re-think, Repent and Enter into Islaam Whole-Heartedly.

Disaster gets more and more Killer, after an Informer (Warner) arrives in a town (city / country), (Ref: Al_Quraan_007.094).

Those Who Listen BUT Do Not Obey are the Worst Animal, since they do not understand, i.e., if you Hear/read/watch it that is it, NOW it is Between You and Allah, (Ref: Al_Quraan_008.020-022).

IF QURAAN CANNOT CONVINCE YOU NOTHING WILL, (Ref: Al_Quraan_004:087, 007:185, 039:023, 052:033-034, 053:056-059, 056:075-082, 068:044, 077:050).

Whose Fatwas are better than Quraanic Fatawa, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.050, 045.006, 052.034, 077.050).

Hypocrites read the Quraan but practices something else.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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