In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Dawah Language
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Language of Dawah should be in mother tongue of the person to whom it is given, e.g. if one’s mother tongue is Russian, you should do Dawah in Russian and give the Quraan Translation in Russian if they are interested, similarly if one’s mother tongue is Chinese, you should do Dawah in Chinese and give the Quraan Translation in Chinese if they are interested. BUT for those, whose mother tongue is Arabic, you must do Dawah in Arabic and you must give them original Quraan in Arabic if they are interested. There are still millions of Arabic speaking Non-Muslims around the world including Muslim countries like Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq etc. Before doing Dawah you must first prove yourself that you are true honest, devoted and very helpful and sincere. Rasool Allah (saw) first proved himself that he was true honest and trustworthy etc. before he became messenger of Allah.

Adopting the right Media to do Dawah is necessary:

It is not only language but also Media plays a key role in doing Dawah. In one of the lectures, Sheikh Tauseef Ur Rehman mentioned his reason that there are lots of shirk in the media and someone has to be there to clear all misconceptions that is one of the reason why he started coming on the media although he hate to come on media.

In simple terms, if you leave any gap shaitaan will enter. For all this you have to turn on the light of the Quraan to through away the darkness. If you leave the media (internet, movie etc.) shaitaan will spread his message, similarly if you leave the music, shaitaan will spread his message, what I can see clearly, just in Pakistan alone many youngsters have craze of movies and love songs etc. But if we come up there with true message of the Quraan, they will sure come towards Islaam, Inshaa Allah. Clear example we can see, in India, when it was extremely hard to do Dawah in front of Indian Bhajans, Auliyaas discovered this new techniques and they used exactly same instruments to do Dawah. Although they had a great break through in Hindus and many converted/reverted to Muslims in the past in India. BUT very sadly, later people changed and instead of passing Quraanic message, they deviated from the Quraan.

Now it is time to bring back our youths from deviated music etc. to Islaamic Nasheeds etc. by giving true Quraanic message in that by using exactly same modern musical instruments, but strict to Quraan and only true Quraaninc message in that. Prepare good Islamic Cartoons to train our little cute infants and kids to come to the Quraan.

Remember: These medias are just a bridge to call towards the Quraan.

Get out from your barrack / hujra / cave and start doing Effective Dawah from the Quraan with wisdom by all means including modern technologies, (Al_Quraan_016.125, 074.001-007).

Crystal Clear Messages are Millions of times better than Cosmetics and Calligraphies (Khatati)

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