In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Confused Ummah
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Presently this Ummah are so confused in all matters including moon sightings, due to not taking guidance from the Quraan.
Allah has clearly mentioned in the Quraan that one of purpose of phases of the moon is to calculate Islaamic date, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.189). Below are just few points to re-think about and revive Islaam in the light of the Quraan (Book of Guidance).

I wonder why our Ulema (Scholars) issue Fatwas, which seem ridiculous. For example:

1>    300 years ago, when clocks and watches were invented; use of those devices for prayer times was not allowed per Fatwas of Ulema'.
2>    150 years ago, translating Quraan in any other language was considered a taboo, and was not allowed per Fatwas by Ulema of that time.
3>    100 years ago, in India, calculated Prayer Times were not acceptable per Fatwas by Ulema of that time.
4>    60 years ago, loud speakers use for Prayers was considered Haraam, per Fatwas by Ulema in Indo-Pak.
5>    50 years ago, taking picture for ID or passports was considered Haraam, per Fatwas by Ulema in Indo-Pak.
6>    Telephone first introduced to King Faisal in Saudi Arabia was announced Haraam due to human voice and later accepted as Halaal due to listening Recitation of the Quraan through it for demonstration.
7>    Vote to elect a candidate in election were initially declared Haraam and later accepted.
8>    Around 573 years ago in 1440 printing the Quraan in printing press was not allowed and around 250 later were accepted.
9>    Blood donation initially declared Haraam and later after several decades accepted Halaal to save a life.
10>    When airplane was first invented our outdated religious scholars denied and later accepted.
11>    When Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in India in 18 century asked Muslims to learn English and started Alighar School, outdated Religious Scholars declared him as Kafir and later he was accepted as Mujaddid of that time by other fellow Muslims.

Now, all of the above is considered, not only allowed, but people don't even know that these were not allowed before. Why, it takes decades for Ulema to accept such things. One of the reasons is whatever information was available at that time to our Ulema, based on that they have given Fatwas. Yesterday’s Fatwas could be adjusted or modified based on currently available information and this further could be readjusted or modified in future on the bases of information available in future. All Ulema tried their best to help this Ummah, and May Allah give them Great Reward on their help, AMEEN. We always need to look for Auliyaas and Mujaddids of present time to tackle all modern challenges, and who are always there and will be there in future to help Muslim Ummah, for which we need to open our heart to understand them and be with them all the time, (Al_Quraan_018.028). Auliyaas and Mujaddids might be in simple local dress.

12>    Man has gone to the moon, walked on it, spoke to us from there, yet our Ulema refuse to seriously consider using modern technology for the unity of the Ummah.
13>    Why Eid Moon cannot be calculated while Sea travelers can since long time until the arrival of GPS.
14>    For the last 30 years, Ulema do not accept moon-sighting by telescope/Satellites etc. Would it take another few decades to accept that???

World renowned Islamic scholar Qardawi once said "while the Zionist State of Israel is photographing every inch of the Arab world for destruction, we are debating whether photography is Haram or Halaal".

Problem on Issuing Fatwaas:

The problem we face is that we get Fatwas from 2 extreme points. The only way to get over this is to have Council of International Muslim Jurists (Ulema and Muslim Scientists) representing a wider opinion.

Fatwas are opinions of scholars in the field of religion. Fatwas are time and space bound. To obtain a Fatwa on some major issues we need Scholars not only in the field of Islam, but also in the field of different sciences and philosophies. Such scholars are hard to come by. The other problem we encounter is the interpretation of the Quraan and Hadeeth. A good number, strictly adhere to the literal interpretation while others probe in to essence of the Quraan and Hadeeth. Looking for the essence of the faith is a tough task. Many of our Ulema are unaware of science and many of our Muslim scientists are unaware of Quraan and Hadeeth.

Those who are Sharing Same Night with Kabah, Makkah must celebrate their Eid and Ramadaan same together, (Ref: Al_Quraan_097.005). Global Moon sighting must be observed around Makkah. At the time of Magrib (Sunset) in Makkah then people in the far east, who have not yet started their Fajir time, are sharing the same night. Also before time of Fajir at Makkah people on the far west, who have started their Maghrib (Sunset) time, are sharing the same night. Remember: Kabah in Makkah is Center of the Earth.

Thanks to Allah, USA and EU countries have solved moon sighting crisis and they are moving towards Global Islaamic Calendar., Ref:

Remember: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never ever foretold, (Ref. Al_Quraan_006.050, 007.188, 034.014).
                       Whose Fatwas are better than Quraanic Fatawa, (Ref: Al_Quraan_005.050, 045.006, 052.034, 077.050).

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