In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Genocide/Holocaust of 3 Million Bihari Muslims in Bangladesh - and - many more were displaced
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Histories are always written by the victors who always wipe out the truth and no one knows actual figures of Genocides / Holocausts. Keep in Mind populations of Bangladesh at the time of First Wave of Riot on 01-MAR-1971 was around 75 Million which includes around 10 Million Non-Bengalis mainly Bihar Muslimis. In many countries you will find migrants, many are happy in their new countries while others are facing discriminations but at least they are alive, but you will hardly find any immigrants in few countries like Bangladesh where we have histories of millions of immigrants but after couple of decades they had been wiped out completely.

My family was in East Pakistan during 1971 and I was mid-teenagers at that time. As per Bengalis Pakistan had done enough injustice to East Pakistan to the point where Bengalis wanted separation. They would go on strike and close their shops but Bihari Muslims would oppose and did not want to break Pakistan.

First wave of Riots started on 01-MAR-1971 till 26-MAR-1971 during which Mukti Bahini (hidden Indian Agents) killed around 3 Million (3,000,000) Bihari Muslims. Luckily we were able to move out in very early days of riot from Tejgaon, Dhaka to Mirpur, Dhaka. Once Pakistan Army had taken over control of Bangladesh and situation started getting better for Bihari Muslims and many Bihari Muslims started trying to find their relatives in other parts of Bangladesh.

We found that Mukti Bahini (hidden Indian Agents) killed Bihari Muslims in every part of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in Chittagong, Dinajpur, Ishwardi, Jessore, Khulna, Mymensingh, Natore, Panchabibi, Phulbari, Santahar etc. Santahar & Mymensingh were worst among many where they didn’t spare even babies in mother’s womb. Only survivors were in Mirpur, Mohammadpur, Saidpur as well as some survivors in Chittagong as well with few exceptions.

Second wave of Riots started on 16-DEC-1971 after Bangladesh Official Independence. We had to move again from outer Mirpur to inner Mirpur for our survivals. We started living around 20 people in one room. Just after Indian forces left and Mukti Bahini (hidden Indian Agents) took complete charge of Bangladesh, they started wiping out us again. Initially they ceased all guns etc. from Bihari Muslims, complete lockdown for 22 days so that we cannot get any foods, initially we survived for 19 days, but last 3 days were horrible, boiling green leafs to eat but could not due to too sour and throwing out. Two times they called all Bihari Muslim men above age of 8 in the ground and picked all between ages of 12 & 50 years old. Luckily both times our business partners before Bangladesh who know us very well onetime Muzammil and other time I don’t remember his name help us spared, but 99.9% men between age 12 and 50 years couldn’t and I haven’t see them later perhaps they all were killed. Then later BBC reporter Sir William "Mark" Tully reported to BBC on air then people around the world started knowing about our Genocide/ Holocaust and Red Cross started reaching us and started provided foods etc. We salute to BBC reporter Sir William "Mark" Tully and Red Cross for all of their help and we are survived because of their Great Help.

What Genocide/ Holocaust which are regularly shown by Bangladeshi TV/Medias during the month of December every year, around 90% of those victims were Bihari Muslims BUT forcefully telling the world that they were Bengalis, since Histories are always written by the victors who always wipe out the truth. Bihari Muslims were massacred, Bihari Muslim women were ganged raped by hundreds of Mukti Bahini (hidden Indian Agents) at a time, and even they killed babies in mother’s womb as well. Mukti Bahini (hidden Indian Agents) also burnt the Quraan in many Masjids including Baitul Mukarram Masjid in Dhaka thinking that if the Quraan is also Panjabi/Urdu. They blame Pakistani Army for Genocide/ Holocaust of Bengalis BUT in reality it was Mukti Bahini (hidden Indian Agents) who did Genocide/ Holocaust of Bihari Muslims.

Hateness could have been reduced and divisions could have been saved if true justice had been done in Elections before divisions. Justice is necessary at all places, Public Sectors, Semi Public Sectors, Defense etc., and it starts from home. When True Muslims take Musallah for Prayers in their hands while leaving behind bow & arrow & sword & top leading positions then it happen. To take full charge of top leading positions e.g. you will need to struggle hard to become a scientist like Einstein.

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