In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Answering Dr. Mark Gabriel
(Answer to Former Arabic Speaking Muslim Imaam and Hafiz from Egypt and Now Christian)
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Raising questions or concerns on any sects or religions are fine, BUT that must be based on the TRUTH. Question or concerns must be based on the claimed Holy Book from God, since people could be wrong and they may be corrected if the claimed Holy Book of God is free from any contradiction or error. Quraan challenges to bring any book other than the Quraan that will have many contradictions and error including Hadeeth or even all previous Holy Book including the Bible, since they were modified by the people at later stage (Ref: Al_Quraan_004:082, 002:059, 002:075, 005:013, 007:162). Hadeeth were compiled around 250 years after Prophet Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him). There is no guaranty that it will be free from any contradiction or error. I cannot remember 100% what I have done yesterday, so how can I expect from people after several generation to compile Hadeeth and free from any contradiction or error.

There are three types of people who want to change their religion or sect in the Muslim world. First type is of those who are facing extreme poverty. Second type is of those who don’t know the Quraan in depth and confused from people or other Islaamic Books including Hadeeth. These two types of people in the third world including Muslim countries are around 80% and want to leave their home country by all means including changing their religion/sect on paper/media etc. Third type of people is those who could be spying on Muslims. As an example, India and Pakistan had many wars in the past and during one of the war in 1965, people complained to Police about one Imaam in Pakistan who were leading prayers in a Masjid for around 10 years. Due to seriousness of the situation, Pakistan Army got involved and after simple body check they found that he is not a Muslim, not at all and rather after detail investigation they found that he was from Sikh religion.

Dr. Mark Gabriel, a former Arabic speaking Muslim Professor and Imaam (equivalent to Pastor in Christianity) and Hafiz from Egypt and now Christian pointing fingers based on totally false statement from the Quraan. He said that Penalty of Muslim Apostasy in the Quraan is dead without giving any clear reference, which is totally wrong. Also most of his serious concerned were about people, who could be wrong and in this case is totally wrong and the Hadeeth which could have error as well, since it was compiled around 250 years after Muhammad (Peace-Be-Upon-Him). Keep in mind not a single army went to Indonesia, Malaysia and Muslim countries on the east coasts of Africa and yet they are Muslim country. Also another example of India where Muslim ruled for around thousand years, yet the vast majority of the people are not Muslims. On the other hand Muslim ruled Spain for around eight hundred years BUT when Christian Crusaders went there, they kill most of Muslims including Muslim Infants. Keep in mind the rule at the battle fields are different than the rules at different places. Muslims were not involved in First World War and Second World War or killing millions including infants in Japan by dropping Nuclear Bomb.

He also mentioned about alcohol in wrong context. Allah knows people’s nature that they cannot take his command at once, so He sent commandment regarding alcohol in stages. At first stage, Allah sent message that it is bad. At second stage, Allah sent message that when they are drunk they cannot offer prayers. At the final stage Allah sent the last message regarding alcohol that it is completely forbidden. It has been noticed at present time in the Non-Muslim countries that alcohol is the biggest problem causing social disturbance as well as many vehicle accidents which involves taking lives or making people permanent handicaps.

At a later stage, he mentioned about taxes. To answer this, please tell me if one refuses to pay taxes in your country, what will your country do? To run your country you need revenues and this is the right of your country to get taxes from people, then they are able to help those who are poor in your country as well as around the globe.

In the Quraan, Allah mentioned that there is no compulsion in religion (Ref: Al_Quraan_002:256). Also Muslim men are allowed to marry other women from believer of one God, which includes Christians and Jews women (Ref: Al_Quraan_005:005). Most importantly it is the matter with Allah if one leaves the religion Islaam and no human has right to take laws in their hands. (Ref: Al_Quraan_004:137). All the punishments in the Quraan regarding killing or fines or strict punishment in this world are for those who hurt the humanity and are to spread the peace in the global world. The punishments on the day-of-judgment are different and very severe.

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