In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Unseen Image of Irshad Mahmood
Tariq Khan, Director, Christian-Muslim Forum of Canada
Ex-Group Manager, Nawaiwaqt, Karachi, Pakistan
Received many national/international awards including Government of Japan Journalist of Asia Award

Liya Jaiay Tujh Say Kaam Insanoun Ki Imamat Ka: There is an invisible image but visible to those who read his articles with a deep understanding. This invisible fellow has written hundreds of articles. Apparently, he is running a DAWAH MISSION. But his mission is not for MUSLIMS but for GLOBAL COMMUNITY of MANKIND. He has named it as GLOBAL RIGHT PATH [not MUSLIMS RIGHT PATH]. Therefore his articles should be read with a global perspective. If done so IRSHAD MAHMOOD true image will become visible. Nowhere in his, articles he has ever claimed anything for his own self but for the selves of the others or collective betterment. My observation is that the participants of the GLOBAL RIGHT PATH do not read the articles of IRSHAD MAHMOOD thinking that therein is nothing but QURAN, ISLAM and MUSALMAN.

Being requested that the friends and fellows kindly revisit the IRSHAD MAHMOOD articles with good eyes and good minds. These articles are like the EDITORIAL for the Group. Due attention is requested. Honest or critical opinions also requested. This special appeal is being submitted on the basis of certain hidden deep requirements. Please understand IRSHAD MAHMOOD. Please discover IRSHAD MAHMOOD. Please recognize IRSHAD MAHMOOD. Looks a shadow is summarizing into a bright image. Please recognize him.

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Many thanks to all for encouraging me and giving me nice title including “You are an Asset to Ummah”, “You have God Gifted Talent”, and on 24-MAR-2018 by Ghulam Yusuf as “International Scholar of Islam of 21st Century”, etc.

Very Special Thanks to brother Tariq Khan, on always encouraging me (Irshad Mahmood) on promoting GLOBAL COMMUNITY of MANKIND and calling me Religious Journalist, far more important person than Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal of present time, also in 2012 he said about me that thousand times better than Dr. Israr Ahmed, Dr. Zakir Naik, many Mullahs, mainly due to presenting articles on Globalization issues. Working sincerely for Global Humanity since 1988, which people may understand in around 20 years or more. Tariq Khan is Director of Christian-Muslim Forum of Canada, Ex-Group Manager, Nawaiwaqt, Karachi, Pakistan, and received many national/international awards including Government of Japan Journalist of Asia Award. Brother Tariq Khan is Director of Christian-Muslim Forum of Canada and regularly organizing this friendly forum to promote understanding of Islaam. Brother Tariq Khan is a Great Jewel of Islaam in the beginning of 21st century, I learned from him a lot and I Salute him. He promotes friendly dialogue with Christians the way hardly anyone has courage to do so.

I (Irshad Mahmood) look at the world differently. When I see no major changes are happening around the world to save humanity, no matter what Global Leaders of present time are doing, I feel like they are running highly expensive cars like Ferrari on Super High Way where there is no speed limit, BUT with full hand break on or they are driving in reverse gear, which might ignite fire in the car, that is happening around the globe and humanity is burning ever than before in the beginning of 21st century. I don’t understand why waiting for thousands of years for Jesus, Imaam Mahdi, Avatar etc., when humanity is dying now. When hiring robots and firing people is going on, but robots and machines don’t eat apples or oranges etc. So apples farms and oranges farms and their businesses will be bankrupt. A single machine may replace thousands of human but I haven’t ever seen any human replacing any of robots or machines.

Global World is going through a Great Turbulence of Global Recession, and Global Poverty and Global Famine is on the rise. Rich are becoming EXTREMELY rich and poor are becoming SEVERELY poor and are about to die. Perhaps what we have seen so far could be like the tip of an iceberg and the rest would come later.

We must need to be open minded and join together to bring ideas from anywhere i.e. Bible (Old Testament {Torah} + New Testament {Gospel}), Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Quraan, Sutras, Science, etc. and present it to people to fix Global System to save humanity (to build Whole New World/Heavenly Earth).

Think of old time ten organizations in which one thousands of employees working in each organization. Then came industrialization and heavy machinery and robots took places of human. Naturally many of the workers got Layoff and are off the jobs. Initially these Businesses thought that they will save lots of money by Laying off those workers, but did not realize that those were also customers of other industries as well. BUT due to Layoff, they don’t have enough money now to buy, so in reality those businesses lost their customers as well by Laying off their employees. This is just a simple example to start understanding the consequences which could be much better if we think about saving the humanity. Yes, industrialization and robotics are very good but if we need to start thinking DIFFERENTLY to save the humanity to build Whole New World (Heavenly Earth). There could be many projects we can collectively initiate at Global Level to provide those jobs to these lay off workers. Remember: Layoff means more Poverty and more Crime, unless Employer must have been provided to lay off people guaranteed alternate options for their survivals. Services cut down at Hospitals means danger to our health, Services cut down at Fire Station or Police means our life/security is in more danger etc.

People do not have any plant/tree which grows money, since Money does not grow in any plant/tree.

Money (Unlimited Virtual Gold) is not a concern for the Global Recovery, but it is Global System, which needs to be fixed.

It is not the Wealth (Gold or Silver) or Power which could save the Global World from Global Recession. Allah seized Qaroon, Pharaoh, and Hamaan and many more, for their crime against humanity and nothing could save them including their wealth, power or people etc. (Ref: Al_Quraan_029:039). World didn’t end there, but even without their wealth and power, it had re-developed.

Thinking locally while living in Global World will not save our Global World.

Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation or Global World. Do not even think to try to re-appoint those who were failed to protect the corruptions in the land.

Locally I am Sorry Globally YES we can Recover Global World with 100% Guaranteed upon FULL support from Global People, Inshaa Allah (by God willing).

I invite you all to join this Great Noble Mission and invite others to join it to save the humanity without any discrimination of religion, race, color, gender, language or nationality etc. If you have better option please share with others.

It will be a Great Global Charity to save Global Humanity and Allah will give Great Reward, Inshaa Allah.

I have pointed out many of these issues in many of my Global Articles and provided possible solutions. There is only one solution which is Global, since the world we are living in now has become Global Village. You cannot solve global Issues while still thinking locally. Repeatedly Relying on Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of Global Nation. Do not even think to re-appoint those who were failed to protect corruptions in the land. Below are lists of few of my Global Articles.

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