Zero Tylenol (Painkiller) Policies are Crime against Humanity
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Global Right Path

There are many laws which look like killing humanity, which includes Medical Benefits.

Common Painkiller/Analgesic Medicines are Acetaminophen/Paracetamol/Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil, Brufen / Bufferin / Ibuprofen, but when policies are like Zero Tylenol (Painkiller) Policies are Crime against Humanity, we need to re-think and reanalyze each and every law and fix it to serve and protect humanity, only then we can have Heavenly Earth.

Many Organizations as well as many Countries are cutting their Medical budgets mainly due to economic collapse, since they don’t have any choices other than cutting their budgets. Prices are sky rocketing, things which were costing 1/= dollar 100 years ago might cost 100,000/= dollars now BUT income of general public has not increase that much.

Many people have to face longer than usual lineup at the hospitals even in emergency. People might be facing hardship and might need emergency surgery but since they don’t have earlier signs of cancer or other emergency, Doctors and other Medical Staffs might be sending them back home or just delaying which might take their lives. Unless patients are about to die then Doctors turns towards them in super emergency and only then try to treat them.

There are shortages of Doctors, Nurses & other Medical Staffs as well as Hospitals all around the world. People might think by collecting donations they can build new Hospitals and save their countries and they are one of Heroes but that is not true. Similarly many think that by taking loan after loan can save their countries and they are one of Heroes but that is not true. No one can save their countries with collecting donations after donation or getting loans after loans, when 1% are rich in developed countries while other poor countries, it could be 0.001% i.e. 1 in thousands.

Now we are living in Global World and we need to learn new techniques to work together to serve and protect humanity only then we can save each other, otherwise we all will be dead after sometime. We need to promote more and more Multiculturalism and stop blame games and fooling people and wiping out communities one after another, since who knows they could be next in line to be wiped out in their list.

In the west especially in Canada we have seen benefits of Multiculturalism, people are working together and even Minorities are getting chances to enter into workforce at all levels and still lots to be done. But real and the Best & Easiest Solutions are Through True Globalization with True Love with Humanity to Build Heavenly Earth.

We can resolve many Economic Crises which is hitting hard in every sector which includes Medical and Education. We need to join together from all around the world immediately, before it gets too late and we lose all modern technologies and start over again from stone ages.

The Truth About The College Student Debt Crisis

Hiring Robots is on the rise - Firing People is on the rise
Expecting from People (NOT from Robots/Machines) to boost Businesses
Robots/Machines do NOT eat apples or oranges so Apple and Orange Farms will be Bankrupt

I have NOT seen a single business person doing very good business without any single customer (customers are human).
A Single Machine May Replace Thousands of Humans BUT Not a Single Human Can Ever Replace a Single machine.

Only True Love with Humanity can save Global World. We must join together to fight against Global Poverty and Global Famine. Plant Fruits and Vegetables etc. in your backyards, on the side of the streets, and parks etc. where ever it is possible and permissible by your governments. If you get more fruits and vegetables etc. than what you need, then share it with your neighbors, Friends and relatives and support following programs from the depth of your heart to fix Global system which is hurting all.

For Global Solutions to Commodity Based Wages/Salary like in Ancient Time
For Global Solutions to Chicken as Salary - Rice as Salary - Noddle as Salary

We invite you all for fixing Global System to save and serve humanity. Guidelines are in the following link

Why Waiting for Saviors for Thousands of Years When Humanity is Dying Now
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