In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Robotic World Killing Humanity
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Global Right Path

One of the Greatest Inventions of all times is Wheel. With more and more inventions and more and more Super Sonic Fast Robotic Machines, Humans are becoming worthless and are being laid off. A single machine may replace thousands of humans BUT not a single human can ever replace a single machine. Robotic World is Killing Humanity, since not taking guidance from the Quraan.

Example of Global Downsizing-Shutdown-Lockdown: Take an example of past time, when 1000 people were working in a farm land. Later they started using tractors and other machines, because of which layoff started happening and when comes superfast technology, more and more people were being off the jobs, perhaps they only need 10 people, then what those leftover 990 people will do and what education they need to get jobs. These 990 people were good customers to many businesses while on the job, and now they are not. Same way other businesses started using superfast technology and had laid off many employees, who were customers to many businesses as well, but not anymore. Although you are seeing other new technologies are coming into market, but later slowing down, since they calculated for total population and thinking that everyone has money tree in their backyards, but in reality they don’t have, since they have lost their job. Later industries started shutting down followed by banks and Governments as well.

Superfast Technology is exceptionally good for humanity IF those left over (laid off) employees are put onto new projects to support themselves and their families, which is only possible if we work Globally. Students must have debt free education. Extreme Poverty is a breeding ground for Terrorist and Criminal Master Minds can use them. Globally we can fix many things.

Remember: We are children of Adam and Eve and we are Global Brothers and Global Sisters of a Global Family, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.030-039, 007.011-025, 015.26-44, 017.61-65, 018.050-051, 020.115-124, 038.071-085).

Allah Never Destroys any Good Nation, (Ref: Al_Quraan_011.116-117). Do not turn out people from their homes, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002:084). Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World, (Ref. Al_Quraan_005.032). There is NO Compulsion in Religion, (Ref: Al_Quraan_002:256).

Global World is facing a Global Economic Disaster and needs a Global Revolution:

It is not Wealth (Gold or Silver etc.) or Power which can save the Global World. Allah seized Qaroon, Pharaoh, and Hamaan and many more, for their crimes against humanity and nothing could save them, not even their wealth, power, or people, etc., (Ref: Al_Quraan_029:039). The World didn’t end there, but it re-developed after a Great Revolution. Those who have never faced poverty may never understand its solution, unless they have really taken Guidance from the Quraan or have gone for intensive training. It is 100% guaranteed to save the world and to help build our Heavenly Earth. If we truly apply the guidance given by the Quraan, we can re-develop the world through our own Great Global Revolution. In simple terms “NO CHANGES WITHOUT ACTIONS”! It is time now to open our eyes and correct ourselves to serve the humanity in a revolutionized way in the light of Quraan, in which all including Rich & Poor can live safe and sound, since the Quraan gives the true revolutionized guidance to fix the Global System to save Humanity in a balanced way (Ref: Al_Quraan_002:002).

Global Anthem - Change Our World

Toronto, Canada                                          Irshad Mahmood                                                     01-JAN-2015

Price is rising, Saving is falling

Poverty is rising, Corruption is rising

Kids are crying, Students are struggling

Laying Off increasing poverty and crime

Oppression is rising, Humanity is dying

How long Humanity will wait?

How much Humanity will suffer?

How much is too much?

We live together or die alone

O Brothers and Sisters

Let No one divide us

Let us join to make a start

With true loves in our hearts

In Whole New World with Whole New Way

Together we can Change Our World

If there is will there is a way

There is light at the end of tunnel

Road blockers are those who don’t support

Without any single donation

We need full permission

We can use Unlimited Virtual Gold

Think it like Global Charity

It will help save humanity

After education put them on research & development

Not for luxury, but for basic needs

Sip of wine is luxury

Smoking is luxury

Computer is for education and not luxury

In phase-1, we can save humanity

In phase-2, we can fix global system

In phace-3, we can go for luxury

In Whole New World with Whole New Way

Together we can Change Our World

This is a Unique Great Noble Mission

Globally we can fix many things

Without Customers, No Businesses

Save the people to save Businesses

If you have better option share with others

Otherwise join together and invite others

Avoid loans, avoid waste

In Whole New World with Whole New Way

Together we can Change Our World

Why Waiting for Saviors for Thousands of Years When Humanity is Dying Now
Join Us to Save Humanity Now Before it Gets Too Late

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