In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Wake-up Call from Global Terrorism
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Siraat-al-Mustaqeem Dawah Centre

Global World is fed up with all kinds of Global Corruptions, Global Terrorism and Global Kiosk etc. 911 is a Wake-up Call to save humanity from Global Terrorism using science fictions to fool humanity and now peaceful people around the world need to join together to save humanity. There must be No More Global Holocausts/Genocide/Massacre around the Globe, Nether in Slow Motion & Nor in Fast Motion & Not with Cold War as well and No More Closed Door Meetings & No More Hidden Secret Agenda. Why Waiting for Saviors for Thousands of Years When Humanity is Dying Now, so don’t wait for Jesus (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) or Imaam Mahdi or others to come, Join Us to Save Humanity Without any Discrimination Now Before it Gets Too Late.

There must be ZERO Tolerance for Extremism, Hate, Intolerance, and Terrorism. Let there be no fooling to humanity by any means. If there is No true Justice then there is No Peace, since Cause and Effects are inter-related. Who are the Real Victims and WHO are suffering the Most? Let there be NO compulsion in Religion (Believe): Truth stands out clear from error, (Al-Quraan_002:256). Unto you your religion (Believe), and unto me my Religion (Believe), (Al_Quraan_109:006).

The World became more DANGEROUS than before due to Global Terrorism. To Save the Global World from Global Terrorism, we need to find the Real Roots of Terrorism. Here I would first like to give some examples, BUT First the 9-+-11 Conspiracy.

9-+-11 Conspiracy:

Remember: The Air France Concorde crashed into a hotel building after takeoff from Charles de Gaulle airport on 25 July 2000. Point to be noted here that building didn't collapse as in 911 in New York.

The Truth Will Set You Free: &

9/11 Loose Change Final Cut-Full Documentary

Why did WTC buildings 1, 2 and 7 collapse?: Were there explosives planted?

Dr. Robert Bowman: the impossibility of the official government story

War on Terror

Who Hijacked my Religion!

Who Speaks For Islam - with Ray Suarez & Hamza Yusuf

Who Speaks for Islam: Dalia Mogahed at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Terrorist Kids and their Parents:
Generally it is found that little tiny Kids are blamed for terrorizing the home, breaking household items even doors and windows, not listening to their parents and parent complaining about their Terrorist Kids. Little Tiny Kids don't understand and are not able to explain why they are doing this. So the Media is fully controlled by their Terrorist Parents. If you had the chance to watch the "Super Nanny" program, you could easily understand that most of the Kids are not Terrorist, it is their Parents who are the Real Terrorist for their own Kids without knowing it. In many cases Super Nanny comes and resolves the issues by Training the Parents and asking then to dedicate enough time to their Kids and Listen to them and change their own attitudes before training the Kids. Kids need thier Parents' devoted Time, along with other necessities.

Real Terrorist could be a Third Party:
In many cases it is found that the Real Terrorist are the Third Party getting benefits from these kiosks. So we need to see who are getting the Real Benefits. Here I would like to give an example of Karachi, Pakistan. Many times In the past, things happened that Army plotted the attacks on Shia's Imambargha (Masjid) as well as on Sunni's Masjid, then Shia and Sunni started fighting, and Huge Tension develops there, so that created a Valid Reason to situate the Army in the city, Karachi. Media is fully controlled by those who are in Power and innocent public pays for it.

Now the question rises for 9/11 (11-SEP-2001) attacks, London (U.K.) Bombing on 07-JUL-2005. Who are the Real Victims and Real Terrorist. In Practice Muslims all over the world are suffering the most and are in Great Loss. However Islaam Denounces Terrorism, for details please visit

Now the World is in Real Danger. Any group can terrorize innocent people and Muslims will be blamed.

Real Terrorist could be the Effect of some other Cause:
Causes and effects are interrelated. There might be other reasons that might be creating these issues and we need to analyse in detail and resolve these issues. It is necessary to create friendly environments where people can come and exchange views and learn from each another. Diversity is necessary to develop Peace in the Global World. In every community there must be some places available FREE of COST to the public for Diversity e.g. in every shopping mall and other public places there must be a place available for Diversity for Friendly exchange of views.

Canada has very good opportunity by having Multiculturalism. If we all sit together and analyze all the issues on a case by case method and take the best from all that is available in the society, then with the help of science and technology we could raise the best generation to lead the Global World.

Middle East Crisis, couldn't find the right word in Dictionary - 21-JUL-2006:

No one is helping. Where is Allah? When will Imaam Mahdee come to save us? Why Ummah is facing these manmade disasters? Why our prayers are not being answered? Why millions and millions WHYs??? Tears are in our eyes, especially those who have gone through this type of pain may understand a little. When not even Rest of the Ummah is helping then where to go? We are not finding any light. Where is light? Where is guidance? Why didn't Allah help us????? WHY????? Today it is Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq, tomorrow could be your turn.

Only the Quraan gives answers to millions and millions of WHYs. The only reason is we left the Quraan and don't want to realize it nor we want to listen it, so one state at a time is facing the Great Crisis. If someone talks about it and try to show the Guidance and the Right Path, even then in reality we close our ears and close our eyes and we don't act accordingly. In simple words, we actually behave like a Blind so Allah is leaving us helpless. We put Five fingers on others BUT we don't even think about ourselves, what we could have done wrong for which we are getting this. Any one passes by spits on us, slaps on us even throws Big Punch on us. Let us analyze what could others do to us and then find the guidance through the Quraan.

Think of Big fish usually eats the Small fish. Think of it is a Great Secret Plan against Ummah and eating one group at a time and which is not the first time. Think of we put an earthworm through a hook which is tied to a long stick and then drop it into the water to catch a fish. So there could be many tricks to catch the Ummah, like catching a fish. 9/11 was to falsely blame on the Ummah and trick the world, and yet couldn't find WMD in Iraq, so it was to get the oil, only Allah knows what are their plans. Recent crises might not have been started recently but their plan could have been started much before. First Exploit the civilians to send the Syrian Forces out of Lebanon to reduce its power to ZERO-Resistance, then divert the worlds mind towards others by causing so many arrest in different countries like U.K, and Canada and then later on India. Also like giving an earthworm to catch a fish, give couple of soldiers to get them kidnapped easily and that will make them raise a valid reason to capture Lebanon.

CRISIS everywhere and which is not the first time, so we need to find the Guidance through the Quraan:

Kabaa in Makkah, Saudi Arabia is the most sacred place in the whole world for the Ummah. Before the birth of Rasool Allah (Peace-Be-Upon-Him), when Abrahaa came to demolish Kabaa, people of the Makkah flee away to save their lives. Then Allah send little tiny Abaabeel above all possible way to stop them, holding little tiny stones perfectly targeted to the army of Abrahaa. Also when lives became extremely difficult to live in Makkah, Rasool Allah (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) along with most of the companions flee away the Makkah and migrated to Madeena in such a way that they never ever think to come back again to live there. Allah's supreme help can come in any shape, from Space (Air) or land or see, in the form of Earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane, Tornado or Little Tiny Abaabeel or something else, BUT first we must come to act according to the Quraan.

Also Muslim Countries are NOT allowed to help those who live in Non-Muslim Countries in the matter of Lands etc., other than providing religious education, charity and giving them immigration.

Lo! those who believed and left their homes and strove with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah, and those who took them in and helped them; these are protecting friends one of another. And those who believed BUT did NOT leave their homes, ye have NO duty to protect them TILL they leave their homes; BUT if they seek help from you in the matter of religion (NOT for Land) then it is your duty to help (them) except against a folk between whom and you there is a treaty. Allah is Seer of what ye do. And those who disbelieve are protectors one of another If ye do not so, there will be confusion in the land, and great corruption, (Al_Quraan_008.072-073).

Remember: Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World, (Ref. Al_Quraan_005.032).

Things to Do: If you have enough power to defend yourselves from Space (Air), Land and Sea, without looking on others to help you go for it otherwise flee away (migrate) to save your lives.

Our most dangerous enemy is Shaitaan only, whose audio visual weapons including his whispers (waswaasaa) are killing us.
We must get the Guidance from the Quraan for each and every action.
We must not do the Great Mistake that I am right, since I am a human being and I may be wrong.
We must reset our Priorities according to the Quraan.
We must invite others to come to unity without any single micro or mega differences.
We must educate ourselves to defend from all types of attacks.
We must do Positive Dawah. Fulltime Dawah is compulsory on Muslim Scholars BUT Part-time Dawah is compulsory on the whole Ummah. Learn from Scholars and Start doing Dawah now.
We must come out of all of our Misconceptions.
We must find the Roots of Downfall of Ummah to stop doing any single mistake again and again.
We must convert our homes into Islaamic Homes.
We must do our duty without pointing Five fingers on others.

Global Family:

The World is shrinking and becoming a Global Family. I found this as a KEY point in cooling down the mind of others, so always remember and keep reminding, that we are the children of Adam and Eve and we are Cousin Brothers and Cousin Sisters and we are a Global Family.

(All) people are a single nation; so Allah raised prophets as bearers of good news and as warners, and He revealed with them the Book with truth, that it might judge between people in that in which they differed; and none but the people of the book who were given it differed about it after clear arguments had come to them, revolting among themselves; so Allah has guided by His will those who believe to the truth about which they differed and Allah guides whom He pleases to the right path, (Al_Quraan_002.213).

Secrets of 9/11 (11-SEP-2005), which Western Media Never Covered:
There are many questions regarding 9/11 and still are in secrets.

Q1>    Why there were blackouts for several hours on the night before 9/11 on those buildings which were collapsed?

Q2>    Why a group of 4000 people were absent on 9/11?

Q3>   Even before Planes "accidently" collided with the buildings but the whole building never collapsed. For example, much before 9/11, a Concord Plane collided with a building in France BUT the whole building never collapsed. So why did those three buildings collapse on 9/11 including the one building which was never collided by any plane?

Q4>    To collapse a building which has a powerful steel structure, one need to melt the steel. Steel melts at around 1800 degrees Celcius, BUT the burning fuel of those planes can raise the temperature of around 300 degrees Celcius. So how could the burning fuel melt the steel structure of those three buildings?


Suicide Never Allowed in Islaam (Life is A Lot More Important than Land):

O you who believe! Do not devour your property among yourselves falsely, except that it be trading by your mutual consent; and do not kill yourselves; surely Allah is Merciful to you, (Al_Quraan_004.029).

Killing of Innocents Never Allowed in Islaam:

And do not kill any one whom Allah has forbidden, except for a just cause, and whoever is slain unjustly, We have indeed given to his heir authority, so let him not exceed the just limits in slaying; surely he is aided, (Al_Quraan_017.033).

Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of (your) religion, and have not driven you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly; surely Allah loves the doers of justice,  (Al_Quraan_060.008).

Saving a Life is like Saving the Whole World, (Ref. Al_Quraan_005.032).

Every Nation has Certain Period to Live:

Say: I have no power to hurt or benefit myself, save that which Allah wills. For every nation there is an appointed time. When their time comes, then they cannot put it off an hour, nor hasten (it), (Al_Quraan_010.049).

And how many a community have We destroyed that was thankless for its means of livelihood! And yonder are their dwellings, which have not been inhabited after them save a little. And We, even We, were the inheritors, (Al_Quraan_028.058).

No nation can outstrip its term nor can they lag behind, (Al_Quraan_015.005).

Then after them We brought forth other generations. No nation can outstrip its term, nor yet postpone it, (Al_Quraan_023.042-043).
Have they not traveled in the land to see the nature of the consequence for those before them? They were more numerous than these, and mightier in power and (in the) traces (which they left behind them) in the earth. But all that they used to earn availed them not. And when their messengers brought them clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty) they exulted in the knowledge they (themselves) possessed. And that which they were wont to mock befell them. Then, when they saw Our doom, they said: We believe in Allah only and reject (all) that we used to associate (with Him). But their faith could not avail them when they saw Our doom. This is Allah's law, which hath ever taken course for His bondmen. And then the disbelievers will be ruined, (Al_Quraan_040.082-085).

Have they not traveled in the land and seen the nature of the consequence for those who were before them? They were stronger than these in power, and they dug the earth and built upon it more than these have built. Messengers of their own came unto them with clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty). Surely Allah wronged them not, but they did wrong themselves, (Al_Quraan_030.009).

Only Forgiveness with True Love Can Save Global World:

The World is shrinking and becoming a Global Family. I found this as a KEY point in cooling down the mind of others, so always remember and keep reminding, that we are the children of Adam and Eve and we are Cousin Brothers and Cousin Sisters and we are a Global Family.
If we don't forgive each other, then Terrorism will keep going on and on and will become never ending cycle.
Let there be NO compulsion in Religion (Believe): Truth stands out clear from error, (Al-Quraan_002:256).

Unto you your religion (Believe), and unto me my Religion (Believe), (Al_Quraan_109:006),

Are You Proud to be Called an American?

What type of Democracy is the U.S. trying to present to the world, is it like what they are doing in Iraq?

What type of Civilization is the U.S. trying to present to the world, is it like what they are doing in Iraq?

Or are the U.S. doing massacre in Iraq, just like before powerful nations were doing crusade by destroying many poor nations to capture their wealth?

Look, how the U.S. fooled the world to capture the Iraqi Oil by telling BIG lies and the world is still sleeping.

Remember: Once the U.S. will be able to fully capture the Iraqi Oil Field, then they will be able to ruin the whole world, including Russia, China, France, Germany, India, etc.

Are you Still Proud to be called an American?

Listen! Listen! Listen! Plan to Attack on Iraq is not New. For detail please read below.

Terrorist - Plan to Attack on Iraq is NOT New - & - World War III

To find the REAL Terrorist we need to do some research:

Question:     Is or was Al-Qaida or Talebaan ever capable to build any of the spy planes, which can fly without any pilot?

Answer:        No.

Question:     Which main countries were capable to build spy plane, which can fly without any pilot before September 11, 2001 on their own?

Answer:        U.S.A., Russia & China.

Question:     Is or was Al-Qaida or Taliban ever capable to build any of the Satellite to send in the space?

Answer:        No.

Question:     Which of the main countries were capable to build any of the Satellite without pilot to send in the space and place PERFECTLY and PRECISELY in an orbit since World War II to September 11, 2001 on their own?

Answer:        U.S.A., Russia & China.

Question:     Is or was Al-Qaida or Talebaan ever capable to build any system that could control the passenger plane from Ground or Satellite by completely disconnecting its communication from Ground or Space and the power to fly?

Answer:        No. For more detail please visit

Question:   Which of the main countries were capable to build any system, which could control the passenger plane from Ground or Satellite by disconnecting completely its communication from Ground or Space and power to fly?


Radar technology has been with us since World War Two, since 1940.

U.S.A., Russia & China. Since they can build pilot FREE Satellite to send PERFECTLY and PRECISELY in an orbit then why not a small system to control their passenger plane.

Question:   Who can control PERFECTLY and PRECISELY the passenger planes build by U.S.A. inside U.S.A. and target buildings PERFECTLY and PRECISELY on September 11, 2001?

Answer:        Just THINK about it.

Terrorists have no religion and humanity. They can kill their own parents, spouses, children, relatives, friends and even their own service men.

The Plan to Attack on Iraq is NOT New. ( 80 years back during 1918 to 1930):

Page 104:

Turkey, Arabia, Persia, Afghanistan, Turkestan and India are all fermenting with unrest. Great Britain, with her 60,000,000 Mohammedan subjects in India, had special reason to fear a great Mohammedan combination throughout Asia directed against Wet. Iraq, for its geographical position between Turkey, Arabia and Persia, may be regarded as a key position. The existence there of a strong Arab State, friendly to the British Government, breaking the chain of possibly hostile influences, may be of immense importance to use in the difficult that lies ahead.

Page 105 - 106:

The Iraqi oilfields had a commercial importance, to be sure. But for statesmen whose major concern was preserving the British Empire, the strategic significance of holding the oil- bearing territory was the essential issue. In time of war the control of petroleum supplies was vital for all branches of the military, but especially for the navy. The Admiralty wanted supply sources that were both secure and conveniently located, given the stationing of the British fleets, and the Iraqi petroleum reserves were a jewel of its desire. "From a naval point of view," as the first lord of the Admiralty put it to his colleagues in the Committee on Iraq.

Page 106:

The Mesopotamian Oilfield is of special importance in view of the possibility of operations in the Far East. It would not only, in conjunction with the Anglo-Persian field, provide us with a source of supply considerably nearer to the area of operations than would be possible in the case of oil from the American Continent, but a supply which would pass through waters which should be comparatively immune from attack.


Supremacy and Oil:
Iraq, Turkey and the Anglo American World Order, 1918-1930
William Stivers
Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1982
ISBN: 0-8014-1496-2


I invite you all to join this Unique Great Noble Mission and invite others to join it, to save Humanity from Global Terrorism, Global Poverty and Global Famine, which will sure gradually reduce Global Crime as well, without any discrimination of religion, race, color, gender, language or nationality etc.

Road Blockers to Humanity are those who do not join it as well as those who do nothing to save Humanity.
Thinking locally while living in Global World will not save our Global World.
Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation or Global World.
Do not even think to try to re-appoint those who were failed to protect the corruptions in the land. Media Must Play an Active Role.
A single machine may replace thousands of humans BUT not a single human can ever replace a single machine.

Why Waiting for Saviors for Thousands of Years When Humanity is Dying Now, so don’t wait for Jesus (Peace-Be-Upon-Him) or Imaam Mahdi or others, Join Us to Save Humanity Now Before it Gets Too Late.

After wiping out Muslims like aboriginals have been wiped out, next in line could be India, China, Russia and Europe etc.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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