In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Global Solution to Bankruptcy of Countries
By Irshad Mahmood – Director, Global Right Path

Cities, Provinces/States and Countries are being bankrupt, and people are losing patience. One of the Greatest Inventions of all times is Wheel. With more and more inventions & more and more Super Sonic Fast Robotic Machines, Humans are becoming worthless and are being laid off. Many Towns, Cities, States, Provinces, Countries are becoming Ghost Towns including Super Rich and Super Power Countries. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics broke down into many countries in 1991. The United States of America has multi trillion deficits. Chinese Economy has slow down as well.

Type on Google “Uzbekistan schoolteachers 'paid in chickens'”, you will sure find.

Type on Google “Swiss council to accept Bitcoin payments”, you will sure find.

Type on Google “List of ghost towns by country”, you will sure find many.

For USA type “List of ghost towns in the United States

For Canada type “Lists of ghost towns in Canada

For England type “Category:Ghost towns in England

For China type “Welcome to Ordos, China: The World’s Largest “Ghost City””

For China type “China's Factories Are Building a Robot Nation

Example of Cities, Provinces/States and Countries are being bankrupt and are becoming Ghost Towns: Take an example of past time, when 1000 people were working in a farm land. Later they started using tractors and other machines, because of which layoff started happening and when comes superfast technology, more and more people were being off the jobs, perhaps they only need 10 people, then what those leftover 990 people will do and what education they need to get jobs. These 990 people were good customers to many businesses while on the job, and now they are not. Same way other businesses started using superfast technology and had laid off many employees, who were customers to many businesses as well, but not anymore. Although you are seeing other new technologies are coming into market, but later slowing down, since they calculated for total population and thinking that everyone has money tree in their backyards, but in reality they don’t have, since they have lost their job. Later industries started shutting down followed by banks and Governments as well.

Superfast Technology is exceptionally good for humanity IF those left over (laid off) employees are put onto new projects to support themselves and their families, which is only possible if we work Globally. Students must have debt free education. Extreme Poverty is breeding ground for Terrorist and Criminal Master Minds can use them. Globally we can fix many things.

I have NOT seen a single business person doing very good business without any single customer (customers are human).

A single machine may replace thousands of humans BUT not a single human can ever replace a single machine.

Unlimited Virtual Global Gold as a New Currency is the only solution to save humanity:

Even using any limited currency like Bitcoin may fail, since it is like temporary limited stimulus package, like Greece had it few times and again on the line of failure. People need food three times a day and every day, not just once or twice in life time.

At City level budget is fixed, also at Province/State and Country level budget is fixed. We must have to go for Unlimited Virtual Global Gold as new Global Currency is the only solution to save humanity. Those who know programming can understand how we can create a constant Global Account of up to 38 digits and fixed which will never decrease.

We don’t know exact date when Cities, Provinces, States and Countries are being bankrupt, either hundred years, or five hundred years or thousand years, but for sure we have the solutions in the Quraan, which teaches us to come to the common point without any discrimination of Religion, Race, Sect, Gender, Color, Nationality, Rich, Poor, Young or Old, etc., with 100% Guaranteed and without any compulsion in religion (Ref: Al_Quraan_002.256, 002.286, 003.064, 005.005, 005.035, 006.132, 013.011, 017.019, 018.029, 020.015, 028.084, 030.022, 042.030, 046.019, 049.013, 053.031, 053.039, 076.003, 091.007-010). Before total collapse of present system and we lose all advanced technologies and start from stone ages again, we must need to join together immediately and start working on new Global System to build Heavenly Earth for true love with humanity.

If all countries do not join together then perhaps people will be getting Wages in Chicken Salary, Rice Salary and Noddle Salary etc., if available otherwise they might have to work on volunteer bases NO Salary/Wages.

Avoid loans, avoid waste and stop greediness as much as possible keeping in mind how much is too much to help stabilized the our Heavenly Earth (Ref: Al_Quraan_009.060, 025.063-067).

Only True Love with Humanity in the light of the Quraan can save Global World with 100% Guaranteed. We must join together to fight against Global Poverty and Global Famine. Plant Fruits and Vegetables etc. in your backyards, on the side of the streets, and parks etc. where ever it is possible and permissible by your governments. If you get more fruits and vegetables etc. than what you need, then share it with your neighbors, Friends and relatives and support following programs from the depth of your heart to fix Global system which is hurting all. Below is a Summary of a Great Unique Breakthrough Plan for Global Poverty and Global Famine:

Global World has to be fixed in phases since there is no magic wand as well as we don’t have overnight solutions.

Phase 1>    In this phase we together need to save all those people who are badly suffering from Global Poverty and Global Famine. We will Feed them, Shelter them, Educate them and put all of them on Research & Development and make them free from burden on rest of the world as much as possible. For this we must have to use Unlimited Virtual Gold as currency, only for basic survivals NOT for luxury, where a sip of wine or a single smoke will be treated as luxury but not the computer for educations/studies. All Global Students will get totally free educations along with stipends/allowances for their survivals, so that they can fully concentrate on their studies which will help to build Whole New World (Heavenly Earth). Detail Project Guide Lines (Global Agendas) needs to be developed with full cooperation with all the People and all the government around the world.

Phase 2>    Together we need to work on to build Whole New World and find solution to present Global System, so that people from Phase 1 can be re-employed/re-deployed. We will only give suggestions and recommendations from Phase 1, and pray for them, without any force. We will wait forever to fix Global World, even if takes hundreds of years or millions of years, as long as all the People around the world and all the Government around the World allow us to run Phase 1 Globally using Unlimited Virtual Gold as a new currency only for basic survivals including their studies and research and developments around the globe. All prototypes, solutions and suggestions etc. will be totally FREEWARE (no license needed) and will be fully allowed for everyone.

Phase 3>    Once Phase 2 is fixed, we can move on for Cosmetics/Luxury etc. to build Heavenly Earth and Sky is the limit. We must make sure that pollutions etc. are totally under control.

If you have better plan please share with people around the Globe, otherwise please join together and invite others to join this Great Noble Mission before it gets too late and who knows you could be next in line suffering badly from Global Terrorisms. I don’t ask any single penny for this in Donations (ZERO Donations) and it is a Unique Global Charity, without asking any donation rather FULL permission from all people and all governments around the globe. If Allah asks on the Day of Judgment, I and those who support this can clearly say we have done our best to invite people to support it, but it is on rest of the people and rest of the governments.

I invite you all to join this Unique Great Noble Mission and invite others to join it, to save Humanity from Global Poverty and Global Famine, which will sure gradually reduce Global Crime as well, without any discrimination of religion, race, color, gender, language or nationality etc. No Changes without Right Actions.

Road Blockers to Humanity are those who do not join it as well as those who do nothing to save Humanity.

Thinking locally while living in Global World will not save our Global World.

Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation or Global World.

Do not even think to try to re-appoint those who were failed to protect the corruptions in the land.

Media Must Play an Active Role.

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