Global Lives Matter
By Irshad Mahmood - Director, Global Right Path

Killing of Humanity is going on, sometimes and somewhere in slow motion while other time and other places in fast motion. Aboriginal Lives Matters, Black Lives Matters, Chinese Lives Matters, Christians Lives Matters, Hindus Lives Matters, Jewish Lives Matter, Muslims Lives Matters, White Lives Matters and in simple term Globally Lives Matter without any discrimination of Religion, Race, Color, Gender, Language, Nationality, etc.

Global Agenda on Holocausts and Genocide:

Let us join together and stand firmly without any discrimination of Religion, Race, Color, Gender, Language, Nationality, etc. on No More Holocausts & No More Genocide, Nether in Fast Motion like Jewish had faced during Second World War in the past & Nor in Slow Motion like Aboriginal, Atheist, Black, Buddhist, Chinese, Christians, Hindus, Jewish, Muslims, White, etc. are facing now.

Islaam never permits to hurt or hate anyone regardless of any discrimination.

No Muslim is Muslim if he/she hurts Innocent Civilians, Hospitals, Worshiping Places and Institutions etc. regardless of any discrimination. Islaam never permits to capture others land or wiping out others either in Slow Motion in steps like Palestinians are being wiped out or at once in Fast Motion like Holocaust or Genocides of Jewish at one time during Second World War, NO fighting for land.

Forgiving is the key to start with, BUT it must be true forgiving, not like forgiving now then wiping out next and then again forgiving and wiping out again. In this case it will be hidden secret agenda to wipeout minority or weak and oppressed.

In current situation, independent & unbiased true human loving UN forces must help to ease the tensions around, otherwise there is no use of UN and it must be dissolved then.

We cannot accept any more Massacre/Genocide/Holocaust etc., of 99.9% of Innocent Human Suffering because of 0.1% Terrorists around the Globe. We condemn all kinds of individual & State Terrorism.

We have seen when people of Papua New Guinea raised voices, within few years UN went there and made an independent state for them from Indonesia, while there are many Muslims around the world are badly suffering for several decades and are being wiped out due to their hidden secret agenda, in which Palestine and Kashmiris and many others are the worst and no such help to bring peace in the region and still they don’t have internationally recognized independent state.

The United Nations must be ready to abandon any laws which might hurt economy of general public, in such a way which helps to move forward by forgiving and forgetting the past BUT also taking lessons from the past. It must follow the basic rule to TAX the GREEDY not the NEEDY. Free Education must be provided to all with internationally recognized good/high standards, which must encourage good parent-teacher relations.

World has enough to feed but not for greed. The United Nations must balance the production costs globally in relation to Gold (currency). You cannot buy the Whole World with Gold, since Gold is a little tiny part of the Whole World.

Save Global People regardless of any discrimination of Religion, Race, Color, Gender, Language, Nationality, etc. It will sure help Saving Businesses with 100% Guaranteed.

Let us join together to build Whole New World with True Love and Mercy for all Humanity without of any discrimination of Religion, Race, Color, Gender, Language, Nationality, etc. There will be No Close Door Meetings and No Hidden Secret Agenda, and where Global Lives Matter.

Repeatedly Relying on the Same Corrupt or Incompetent Person will NOT Change the Fortune of a Nation. Do not even think to re-appoint those who were failed to protect the corruptions in the land.

Read Al-Quraan, the Miracle of Miracles and free from contradictions and errors
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